I just saw a kid buy 6 boxes of these Juul things. She was 14 at the very most. Nobody asked for ID or anything of the kind. They do have nicotine in them, right? Is this allowed?

5 thoughts on “Juul

  1. That’s illegal. Juul contains nicotine and should not be sold to minors.

    Juul has been under a lot of scrutiny later regarding sale to minors. The FDA recently issued them a 90 day notice to ensure the same. Apparently, Juul has become a trend among teens on instagram.


  2. Legal factoid:

    Currently there are STATE laws nation-wide that make it illegal to sell e-cigarettes to minors, but NO federal law. This means that while the store you cite broke the law by selling to the adolescent, a minor can legally buy e-cigarettes from an out-of-state online source!


    1. When I was in public school a hundred years ago, students in my junior-high and high school were allowed to take smoke breaks during the school day if they had a note from their mother saying it was okay.

      And when I was in medical school, medical students were allowed to smoke during classes.

      Magazines in the 1950s ran cigarette ads featuring physician testimonials that mentholated cigarettes were palliative to patients with sore throats.

      So for everybody who thinks Armageddon is at hand, the world has made some progress since then.

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