Real #MeToo

A truly horrific story about sexual abuse in the US. Nobody is #MeTooing it all over the place, though. Compare this to the coverage of the mattress lady or the exhibitionist comedian that got wall-to-wall coverage for years.

13 thoughts on “Real #MeToo”

  1. The linked article refers to sexual abuse in the UK, not the United States.

    Such abuse has been overlooked for years because it involves Muslim immigrant communities, and the British police forces are afraid of being labeled racist if they intervene. Many so-called “feminist ” groups have the same fear about applying “Western standards” to non-Western cultures.


      1. “And what?…it doesn’t seem like the distance is that big of a deal.”

        Totally different situation, lady! America doesn’t have the “Muslim hordes” problem in the UK or Western Europe, because 1) America is a vastly larger country that can absorb many more immigrants than any European Country, and 2) we do a much better job of assimilating ethnic cultures than our ancient “sophisticated” old-World allies.

        That’s what!


  2. I am surprised Jerry and her second ‘husband’ are still free unless the police hope to catch many additional gang members and their being free is necessary for that. I view kidnapping closer to murder than to selling drugs, and belive the law does so too.

    Also, I wonder whether all those Asian sex-grooming gangs’s members have UK citizenship. If not, why not send them home after they do their time? Wonder whether police checks what their other family members are doing.

    Also this is like a candy for UK ‘Trump-voters’:

    // The gang still tried to silence her. Sickeningly, she says, at one stage a Muslim officer turned off the tape recorder during an interview with her and told her to drop allegations against one of her attackers ‘because of lack of evidence’.

    She was so frightened, she did so. ‘The police officer came from the same community as the gang and has since been imprisoned for child sex crimes himself,’ she says now. //

    My thought was not to put Muslim officers from those communities to investigate such sex crimes since a few may be like this officer and also since the victims may trust those officers less after what similar looking people did to them and be traumatised even more than usually.

    However, a similar argument may be made not to let minority officers to investigate other crimes … I still think I am right in the previous paragraph though. Victims should not suffer even more because of PC.


  3. // Nobody is #MeTooing it all over the place, though.

    You talked about America, but do you know about the situation in Britain?


  4. I have thought a bit more and this all begins to sound very strange. The article says police didn’t investigate because of PC concerns, do you believe it? Because I do not.

    What about workers at an NHS hospital where she had a late-term abortion. Did she have her documents? She says:

    // ‘I wasn’t allowed to speak to doctors at medical appointments. I had to walk 5ft behind him, keep my head down and wear a hijab. He said I was his girlfriend.’

    Do those doctors just give abortions to anyone entering? No age checks? No criminal checks?

    What about investigating the imam at the local mosque who gave out a wedding certificate without seeing her at all. How many Islamic wedding certificates has he signed without checking the ‘bride’ was not a victim of a crime? For whom?

    I thought UK was one of the best places to live in in the world today, and suppose it’s true still. However, how can there be such a widespread corruption in police AND hospital workers doing abortions at 5 months (!) to a young girl surrounded by some suspicious men ordering her to be silent ?


    1. She’s from a working class family, so she’s dispensable. Like all the girls in these sex abuse scandals. Nobody in authority takes them seriously because they are working class.

      But all of the supposedly progressive movements stay mum about an obvious case of class bias and gender violence. Nobody cares. Because the only “sexual abuse” that counts is when some rich broad tells some ridiculous story about nothing in particular.


      1. // But all of the supposedly progressive movements stay mum about an obvious case of class bias and gender violence.

        Do you know of good articles / books discussing “intersectionality” – combination of gender and working class (and child abuse possibly). I need it for university.

        It is all about ‘white trash’people, so race analysis doesn’t suit.


      2. // But all of the supposedly progressive movements stay mum about an obvious case of class bias and gender violence.

        If you want to read a good novel dealing with issues of class, work situation and harmful, infantilizing gender roles which hurt both men and women, I can send you. The novel is set in the 50ies, but I think it’s all relevant today.

        It is “Bastard out of Carolina” by Dorothy Allison.


  5. “However, how can there be such a widespread corruption … a young girl surrounded by some suspicious men ordering her to be silent ?”

    It’s not so much corruption as willful enforced ignorance. A nurse might try to report the case to the police but it won’t go any farther as the UK government is intent on keeping a lid on things. Western European governments have facilitated (at times cultivated) the growth of antagonistic minorities (mainly muslim) and now they spend a vast amount of time and effort trying to ignore that fact and trying to keep the electorate from venting their frustration (this type of thing was a key issue fueling Brexit).

    And it’s impossible to have a single rule of law in a truly multicultural state of the kind the UK government is committed to achieving. Each group polices themselves (or not) and the government just tries to keep the different groups from attacking each other.


    1. Regarding keeping a lid on things, one commenter accused this article of doing that too:

      // I can’t understand why Sue Reid decided to name the husband as “Jerry” ???? still covering up I suppose….

      I think using “Yusuf” or “Mahmood” would be seen as incitement to racial or ethnic hatred despite the criminals being clearly Muslim. When I was typing the previous sentence, I understood why emotionally, but logically it is weird.

      Why not have some laws about immigration making serious law breaking a reason for the family’s immediate deportation? One weird commenter asked how the gang members hid their activities from their families. As the saying goes, it would be funny, had it not been so sad.


    1. #MeToo is all about job wars among the well-to-do, yes. I’m trying to show how trivial their spats are in view of what the majority of women on the planet experience.

      I was particularly stunned by the unending coverage of a comedian who showed up at a comedy show “without seeking the audience’s consent.”


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