Post-truth Education

There is a very interesting article over here on how the post-truth approach and a consumerist vision of reality have had a very negative impact on the education system in Sweden.

I recommend downloading the whole article and not just reading the quote at the link.

P.S. Post-truth is a term used to refer to the worldview organized by the belief that there so no truth outside of individual perceptions of truth. Nothing is objectively good or bad and nothing is objectively true. Truth is always individually produced. Meaning that if I say I’m not a middle-aged professor in the American Midwest but a diminutive pink pony with wings, you can’t dismiss the pink pony story as untrue. It’s true if I perceive it to be so.

One thought on “Post-truth Education”

  1. Well, if anything goes and the students are customers, school is a mall at most. This is why I never thought all postmodern thought was left-wing, since it colludes so well with in this strange combination of solipsism and uniformity-in-market-participation.


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