One thing I didn’t consider when I was choosing my profession was that it would seriously limit the geographic areas where I’d get a chance to live.

I hate these endless summers that go from April to November. It’s the second half of September already but there’s nothing but stupid sun and blistering heat in the forecast for weeks ahead. I hate this so so very much.

And it’s been exactly the same in Montreal, so it’s not like going up North would help unless it’s even farther to the North than that.

2 thoughts on “Exasperated”

  1. The solution is simple. You need to find a university on a mountain. Anything higher than 8,000 feet would probably be cooler right now. Whether it’s in the north or south doesn’t matter as much as the altitude. Of course, that university would need to have a job opening in your field. It’s ironic, but the more highly educated and highly specialized one becomes, the narrower their niche and the fewer the appropriate jobs.


  2. That was why I was warned not to go into academia. Of course, the assumption was always upper Midwest — the threat was getting stuck in Madison or Ann Arbor in winter. But it’s the same concept – you’re limited. I thought it wouldn’t matter because I’d have funded sabbaticals, visiting posts in the Mediterranean / Andes, summer travel and so on. But I am stuck in the heat and also, when I made the decision to brave the weather I had always lived where nature was beautiful and did not realize how hard it would be to live where it isn’t.


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