The digital surveillance and the social credit scores in China. It’s easy to ridicule the Chinese but how many people right over here can’t wait until everybody is assigned a scorecard with a list of transgressions against speech codes and “murderous thoughts”? How many people think it’s a brilliant idea to exclude folks from employment on the basis of such transgressions?

Very many.

5 thoughts on “Scorecards”

  1. So how is this different from building up a good credit rating, having a successful professional career, and and reaping the many rewards that come with following the rules in a capitalist country like America??

    Where exactly is the problem?


    1. Imagine you said something 30 years ago that’s not PC according to today’s standards. When standards change, this tiny little statement is excavated and you are excluded from employment, good housing, etc.


    2. Credit scores are about how good you are at repaying your debts. The fact that it helps if you have credit (i.e. allow yourself to be exploited by the system even when you don’t need to) or the way the system effectively punishes the poor for being poor are bad enough. But, it’s all financial. It’s not like being a good model citizen and following the ideological dictates of the government without complaint actually affect them.

      As Clarissa points out there are plenty of self righteous crusader types who, no matter how noble their aims might seem on the surface, are determined to do not much different in the West in order to make up for it. But, I do think they are a vocal minority probably over-represented in places like academia.


      1. Somebody asked yesterday why the religous fundamentalists support Trump and are so rabid. This is why. This is what they fear. They think a conservative SCOTUS can at least try to prevent it.


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