I understand she’s very sick but does she need to give the whole party a bad name with these stunts? She might not care any more but there is a whole election at stake here. This looks very unhealthy.

11 thoughts on “Hirono”

  1. Once again, Kavanaugh is not up on criminal charges. He’s at a job interview, for a position in which he will be interpreting law and yes, judging character. So character really does matter.


    1. I don’t think we can know anything about anybody’s character based on what they did in a drunken state being a teenager 40 years ago.

      I certainly don’t want what I was doing at 17 (even though I was never drunk) to be used to judge me in any context today.

      I do hope the nomination falls through. But I don’t like the argument that “he did something violent at 17 and it says something about who he is today.”


      1. The reason we execute minors in this country, and send to life imprisonment at 17, is that we DO believe these acts say something about who they are forever, and that the victim matters forever. Look at Kavanaugh’s voting record. Don’t put him on the court that has the final decision on the death sentence.


        1. As I said, I’m completely opposed to judging minors as adults. I was against it long before I heard Kavanaugh’s name.

          I hope that the barbarity of doing this to minors will go away soon. It is a barbarity and people need to wake up to how wrong it is.


  2. Kavanaugh doesn’t want to be judged in a job interview like he wants criminal cases to be judged. In Québécois, we call this « Vouloir à la fois le beurre et l’argent du beurre. »


      1. I have worse than actions in 17: being excluded 2 times (I have some responsibilities the first time, not in the second) of a Ph.D. Not having a high school diploma is a better thing.


  3. Most voters haven’t even heard of Hirono, nothing she says is going to affect the voting choices of people hundreds of miles away.


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