Twice As Hard

Anyone who does not believe that female academics have to work twice as hard to advance either is not a female academic, is not partnered with a female academic, or is not paying attention.

This is probably true in fields such as engineering, architecture or physics, but in my field, the statement is utterly ridiculous. Forty years ago, absolutely. Today? Don’t make me laugh.

There are no battles conducted along gender lines in my field.

9 thoughts on “Twice As Hard”

  1. I wonder what the percentage of men vs. women is like in the Humanities today. Does anyone know?

    I was an undergrad in the 1980s, and I don’t remember what the proportion of female to male faculty was, but I do remember that my college was trying to recruit more female students. I think the ratio of male to female students was close to 2:1, or about more than 60% men to 36 or 37% women. Back then, women’s issues were a big deal on campus, and rightfully so, but the administration always seemed indifferent to women’s/activists’ demands, whereas now college administrations seem to accede to such demands almost immediately. Now the gender split is completely reversed, and I’m not trying to make a judgement about this here. What’s interesting is that my default pronoun when talking with others about a student is now “she” rather than “he” because most of the students at my college are women.


  2. In Israel I observed more women than men as profs in Humanities.

    Today I discovered something interesting. You have written about Chemnitz riots once and the alleged manhunts in Germany. Turns out that when a Jewish President of Germany’s domestic security agency Hans-Georg Maaßen questioned Merkel’s version regarding lynch mobs, it ended up with him losing his office.


    I found the info about him on this blog by a Right-wing German Jew:

    State Satire Show “Heute Show” Dogwhistles to Antisemites


  3. Also about Hans-Georg Maaßen, one of his controversies is being smart enough to doubt Snowden while it was unfashionable: [wiki] “In June 2016 he questioned whether Edward Snowden was working for Russian intelligence.”

    The blogger Goldstein describes other controversies as


    // Consequently, his Wikipedia entry has a section “Controversies.” It began when he asked for the deportation of Murat Kurnaz whose residence permission expired while he was in Guantanamo Bay. Back then the entire media painted Kurnaz as an innocent victim of three different militaries (Pakistan, Afghanistan, USA). The Turkish citizen claimed that he was just visiting a Pakistani friend of his and that he was captured without reason. Maaßen also met with leaders of conservative party AfD to advice them how to tackle crazy people within the party. Given that the left is demanding that conservatives should tackle the crazies in their own ranks, one would think that they were pleased. The opposite is the case. They openly complain that this was helping the party to avoid an investigation. How would one want a problem to arise so that an investigation of sorts became necessary? Seriously, how depraved does one have to be?

    There were a number of other witchhunts against him. Currently, he is in the crosshairs because he questioned Merkel’s version of the Chemnitz protests. There were no substantial evidence of lynch mobs taking justice into their own hands, no manhunts, and so forth. One video is constantly shown because it does show some aggression. A man faces a group of approaching protesters. What he says is inaudible. For an unknown reason another man runs into the picture and chases him away for a few meters. The preceding situation is unclear. The video was first published by antifa. In an interview Maaßen said that he has seen no evidence for the authenticity of the video. Multiple leading politicians ask for his head because he questioned antifa.

    Is not life funny sometimes?


  4. Our department recently had a lot of problems for hiring a male, despite the facts that this particular male was clearly more qualified than anybody else and that only 20% of the applicants were women. Apparently there are quotas, and we have put the University into a hard position by hiring a male. Ironically, our Chair has written an extremely pro-diversity response to the administration. It was so pro-diversity, that everyone interpreted it as a mockery…


  5. Stumbled upon this version of MeToo by German women:

    \ 120 decibel is the sound volume of pocket alarms. The risen demand of these pocket alarms and their availability in more and more shops is a clear sign for the increasing number of women who don’t feel safe any more in public space. Pocket alarms trigger a loud sound which should attract attention of other pedestrians and rout out any attackers. Like this device, #120db was created to attract attention – in this case to the immediate consequences of wrong immigration policy on girls and women!

    At first, I thought 120 db was 120 mm gun name and wondered how they could acquire guns so easily. 🙂

    Never heard about pocket alarms before. Tear gus, yes, but when it became popular in Israel for a while a few years ago, it was because of terror wave not sexual harassment.


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