McCaskill is really in trouble here, folks. I just saw an ad that features her against the backdrop of border walls and insisting she is supported by border patrol agents who say how much they love her and President Trump. Because she believes all the same things.

It was a very weird ad because all those border walls look quite scary when featured en masse. She’s got to be desperate to go in this direction.

11 thoughts on “McCaskill

  1. Well, she’s announced that she’s voting against Kavanaugh, so she’s useless as a red-state Democrat, anyway. It’s time to replace her with a real Republican.


  2. I haven’t known Ukrainian economy was that troubled:

    // Украина заняла почетное 134-е место из 162-х в рейтинге стран по индексу экономической свободы. Об этом сказано в ежегодном отчете Economic Freedom of the World, подготовленном Fraser Institute.

    По данным рейтинга, за год Украина поднялась со 149 на 134 место, однако все еще входит в число стран мира с наименьшим уровнем экономической свободы.
    Достижение Украины особенно впечатляет, если учесть, что в группу стран с наименьшим уровнем экономической свободы из постсоветских стран входит только Беларусь. И Армения, и все среднеазиатские республики находятся ощутимо выше. А Россия – 87-я.


        1. It’s not that liquid capital is bad. But it’s quite cruel and unforgiving. I believe that it’s best to have a lot of controls that limit its freedom to run over people’s lives.

          As for everybody wanting to live here, they want to live here and be successful. Nobody wants to live here if it means ending up in places like Garrett, Indiana, believe me. Or East St Louis. Those places are poorer and more dangerous than anything I ever saw in Ukraine (obviously I mean before the war).


          1. I do not think Israel has East St Louis. Not jewish one, at least. Our problems with Arabs are a different kind of issue.

            We do have a welfare state so far.


            1. Just the other day I read FB posts by a Russian couple that saw the slums around Haifa for the first time. They were completely stunned. Never seen anything like it before.

              As for the slums not being Jewish, East St Louis is not white. That doesn’t make it any more acceptable from my point of view. These are human beings living right next door in horrible circumstances. I don’t think it’s ok just because they look slightly different from me, you know?


              1. We are at war with Palestinians. It is not like blacks in America.

                They refuse not only to serve in IDF but even to do alternative service in their own communities.

                If I enter a village of Israeli Arab citizens, I may be stoned in my car or even killed in the process. It is not a joke.

                Politicians sometimes talk about paying money to Israeli Arabs to facilitate their leaving Israel.


              2. Yeah, I heard that these are nor Arabs who live in these slum-like villages around Haifa amidst mountains of garbage. The couple from this FB page I’m talking about is of Jewish origin and very Israel-friendly. More anti-Arab than you, actually. So I don’t see why they would lie.


  3. All this talk about Palestinians reminded me of the reader Stringer Bell / StringerB (?)

    Is he still here? Is he OK?

    // More anti-Arab than you, actually.

    I feel like anti-Arab presents me as not objective, while I think I simply describe my realities. Of course, they have an effect on feelings, but – judging in this fashion – all Israeli Jews are anti-Arab and all Arabs are anti-Jewish.

    I did a big project together with an Arab at an university once, sat in one university classroom with Arabs too, taught Arab students and traveled together with a mainly Arab group on an organized trip of 10+ days. I always saw people I interacted with as people. However, it does not change the realities of a conflict. There is real mutual hatred between our peoples and real deep cultural differences in addition to a conflict.


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