Academic Writing Quiz

A really great quiz on academic writing practices with my responses:

In the three-day period before your last major research deadline, did you:

  • Spend more than five hours a day at work on this research project? Absolutely not. I’d be dead of exhaustion if I did something like that.
  • Spend more than one hour a day worried or panicked about said project? God, who has the time to worry for a whole hour?
  • Complete more than 10 percent of that project within those three days? I’m not intellectually capable of doing this. Honestly. I know my limitations. I just get foggy-brained and tired.

2. Has a (non-laboratory-based) research or writing deadline ever:

  • Caused one or more of your children to be sad that you were unable to spend time with them? I gave birth at almost 40. So obviously not.
  • Caused a partner to be sad that you were unable to spend time together? I’m not married to a passive-agressive fellow, so no.
  • Caused you to cancel a social plan in which you actually wanted to participate? OK, I’m stumped because the phrase “a social plan in which I actually wanted to participate” is not comprehensible to me.

3. Have you:

  • Taken a full weekend off in the past month? Every single one. I have a 2,5-year-old, so it’s not optional.
  • Gotten through an entire vacation, intercession, or family/medical leave without feeling that you had to use that “free” time to “catch up”? Vacation yes. Post-surgery, not so much because I hate to be an invalid.

The linked piece has great suggestions, too.

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