Missing Mueller

What about the Mueller investigation? Does it still exist? I kind of miss it, which I never thought would happen. It was idiotic, of course, but kind of quaint and inoffensive. I have never seen anybody go rabid over Mueller.

16 thoughts on “Missing Mueller

    1. “Rachel mentioned him tonight, in a curious context.”

      She also looked very unhappy about the upcoming Senate vote on Kavanaugh! ๐Ÿ™‚

      “I have never seen anybody go rabid over Mueller.”

      Obviously, you’ve never watched “Hannity” on Fox News, or the equally nutty “Justice with Judge Jeanine (Pirro)” show.

      Free, non-political, medical advice advice for everybody reading this website: GET YER FLU SHOT!!


      1. Further proof, as if any were needed, that the lunatic left is ready for the rubber room:

        Last night Rachel Maddow was so despondent about the upcoming Kavanaugh confirmation that she looked like she was either going to burst into tears or have a stroke on national television.

        Tonight she ended her show in a four-minute hysterical giggle-fest, laughing and as
        gleeful as a toddler, because Trump’s re-election committee sent out a fund-raising letter with a TYPO in it. (The message told readers to urge their senators “to vote to elect Kavanaugh TO the U.S. Senate” instead of “elect Kavanaugh IN the U.S. Senate.”)

        Maddow sincerely believes that life as we know it is coming to an end because Kavanaugh is going to destroy the Constitution and murder millions of women and whatever — but suddenly everything is okay and we can rejoice because those stupid Republicans sent out an obscure message with a typo! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

        You can’t make stuff like this up!


        1. And I missed all this!

          It’s really funny but somebody hid my remote and now I have the TV stuck on Fox News and I can’t switch to anywhere else. Just watched a lady called Lauren Ingraham. It’s interesting, like visiting another country.


          1. Laura Ingraham — I watched her show, too, and she was also very gleeful tonight. But unlike Maddow, she had a sane reason to be, since the Democrats are going down in total defeat with this nomination.

            Maddow was just in a borderline psychotic panic. But since her world is coming to an end, she also had a good reason for losing it on-air!


            1. According to an article in today’s Washington Post, โ€œtop Democratic operatives are already talking about impeachment of Brett Kavanaugh as a 2020 campaign issue if he gets confirmed to the Supreme Court.โ€

              Definitely a winning 2020 campaign issue! You can’t make stuff like this, either.

              At this rate, the Republicans aren’t even going to have to campaign!


              1. Trump renegotiated NAFTA, and from what it looks like, very successfully. What else do they have to run on but outrage over teenage partying? And it’s working. People are going nuts over this.


            2. Ok, now you are being apocalyptic? Nothing is coming to an end, they’ll be doing the same thing over some fresh outrage tomorrow, and next week, and forever. But hey, at least the news here are never boring, unlike in Canada. God, I hated the Canadian news.


              1. “Ok, now you are being apocalyptic?”

                Ah, Clarissa, read my words a little more carefully. I said that “*her” world is coming to an end” — not the real one that you and I live in. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Either Mueller is inept or there was no collusion with Russia to swing the election in Trump’s favour. I would have thought that with the Clinton’s gift of Uranium One to the Russians that Putin would have favoured Hilary for president.

    On the other hand with stories now coming out about Mueller’s drinking on the job, then it is no wonder that he has done nothing of note.


    1. “stories now coming out about Muellerโ€™s drinking on the job”

      HUH?? If you have any links suggesting this, please provide them. Even Mueller’s haters on Fox News have criticized only his excessively aggressive use of legally authorized means to bully Trumps’s underlings.

      I don’t think Mueller’s legally unlimited fishing expedition is going to touch Trump — it’s going to end up costing taxpayers a fortune while taking down insignificant others like Cohen and Flint — but this is the first slander about his personal behavior that I’ve heard.

      I don’t like Mueller, but he’s simply following the idiotic mandate that the FBI gave him with the Special Counsel authorization. I don’t like character assassination, either, whether it’s against Dr. Ford or Judge Kavanaugh, unless there’s some credible evidence.


        1. Because there’s nothing to be found.

          Yes, Putin wanted Trump to win. And he’s been extremely disappointed since because Trump has given him fuck-all. I’m saying this as somebody who is following the situation very closely. Trump has given Ukraine all of the support it could never get from Obama. This is a fact of objective reality that cannot be denied. Putin miscalculated big time.

          But as for Putin actually being able to change the results of the election or impact them in a big way, that’s risible.

          It’s hard to hate Putin more than I do. I think I would have noticed if Putin had any actual gain from his election.


  2. “I have never seen anybody go rabid over Mueller”

    There was some crazy lady who wrote long twitter threads that amounted to erotic fan fiction starring Mueller and herself…. aren’t you glad you know that now?!


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