What’s Wrong with People?

Come gather round people wherever you roam & shun any republican family member you have. Until this president is gone. You don’t need to tell that family member that you are shunning them. Just stand up for your country very close to home. Make it hurt for both of you. Rise. Rise

— Jerry Saltz (@jerrysaltz) October 7, 2018

Imagine if this creep has kids. Good to know that Dad’s love is conditional on something so silly.

Or even a spouse or a sibling. God.

If this fellow is being satirical, please let me know.

24 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with People?”

  1. He writes for New York magazine, so I’m guessing it’s not satirical. I know there was a kerfuffle maybe a week ago when Jill Filipovic (you may remember her from Feministe) tweeted “Divorce your Republican husbands.”


    1. Crazy. I don’t have Republican relatives because I don’t have relatives in this country but my whole family voted Conservative in Canada which I don’t support. What am I supposed to do? Disown them?


  2. My Trump-voting in-laws are (mostly) nice and non-judgmental toward me. I can actually have spirited political discussions with some of them, and explore interesting ideas.

    One of my liberal friends occasionally tries to diagnose my unconscious biases if I express the wrong opinion on certain movies with strong female characters. (Of course, I can think of plenty of movies with strong female characters that I happen to like and he doesn’t, and somehow that doesn’t imply anything about his unconscious biases.) Don’t get me wrong, most of the time he’s a nice guy that I have fun hanging out with, but I’ve learned to avoid certain minefield topics.

    I think we’d have a weaker society if I cut my ties with either my Trump-voting in-laws or my woke liberal friend. Most of the time they’re great people and I value them for that.


  3. I didn’t know about this person. But he also said this, which I tend to agree with:

    “Basically weak, stupid & scared Dem. Senators sent a sexual-abuse victim to fight their fight for them. Rather than objecting to Kavanaugh purely on the facts showing that he is a highly partisan Rep. operative, Bush White House, Starr Impeachment. Dems damaged all survivors.”


    1. “But he also said this, which I tend to agree with.”

      Well, if you let any Democrat talk long enough, they’ll eventually say something correct.

      Surely you’ve heard that old saying about a thousand monkeys playing with typewriters…


  4. Because family too, is fungible. Don’t like your Republican brother, shun him and go get another one. Except, of course, there isn’t another one. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start advocating for ‘support families’ for those who don’t want their current ones.

    BTW, isolating people from their friends and family is a sure sign of a cult.


  5. The anger is a symptom, in the same way that Trump is a symptom. In an era of declining economic fortunes — you may be doing well but most Americans are doing worse than their parents economically — there is massive frustration. The boiling frustration manifests itself in various forms. Eventually, I expect it to result in a substantial outbreak of violence, in part because there are no political leaders trying to moderate it from either side. Chief Justice Roberts is reportedly worried about the legitimacy of the Supreme Court, that is, that people will simply start ignoring the Court’s rulings, which will be the first step in taking the Constitution apart. Roberts may be the only person in DC worried about the future of the US, or whether it even has a future. Congress isn’t. Trump certainly isn’t.


    1. What do you think motivates all the interest in taking the country apart? Because the Trump policies and Trumpies seem bent on driving us, and the planet, to the brink or over it. I see it, but do not understand the desire for destruction at all.


    2. If Americans have less than their parents, that’s a good thing if we care about saving the planet. I’m sure you’ve seen the environment report in the NYTimes. Unless we all curb our out of control consumerism, the result won’t be pretty.


      1. This has to happen at level of policy. What you do as an individual, or what a collection of individuals do, won’t have a real impact, and there are things that need doing and have to be done at national & world level. Current administration does not want this.


              1. These tariffs are not structured or intended in that way. Look at the whole environmental plan. And individuals consuming little enough (assuming they have the means to do things like not drive) is not going to do it. He’s got a coordinated plan to speed up destruction. Efforts individuals make on their own simply are not enough.


              2. I’m not a real American 🙂 so I don’t care much about intent. I care about the result. This is something that will help, so I’m in favor.


              3. It’s not a plan unless somebody has decided to put it in place and convince people that it’s a good idea? It should be a person in a position of power and with a fanatical following that will eat shit from their idol and say thank you.

                If Democrats had somebody like this, it would be great. But do they have such a person? Who would it be? Kamala Harris? That’s funny. Mumbly Alexandria? Even funnier.


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