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People were asking recently why anybody would want to ruin an academic with false allegations and suggested that this only happens in my field. Well, I just read a story of one Prof. Theodore Piepenbrock in The Times that I recommend people Google for a British example of this phenomenon.

By the way, I have seen the behavior like this TA’s a quadrizillion times. Some professors (the ones who suffer from anorgasmy) feel flattered and cave. Some resist. But they are hunted relentlessly in direct proportion to how much they make and how many connections they have. The practice is not gender-exclusive. As we see from the linked piece, nowadays those who cave and those who don’t can be punished in the exact same way.

2 thoughts on “More from The Times”

  1. Interesting. Seems I have upset you by implying that it happens in your field more often… Maybe it happens to men perceived as powerful more often, like with star professors at top universities…
    But this particular example seems to be rather murky, if one reads not only the article, but comments as well.
    Before forming any opinion, I would like to ask, because I am not familiar with this scenario:
    What is the purpose of one graduate student (regardless of gender) accompanying a star professor on a lecture tour? What is the benefit for the student, so that professor could potentially feel as if he would be ruining any professional opportunities for the student by just not taking the student on a lecture tour with him? Why can’t this purpose / benefit be achieved by taking this student and other members of the group to professional conferences? (nothing “special” is implied if multiple group members are all going to the same conference)
    And I cannot help but question why in the world would a professor go to ANY student’s hotel room at night, and especially in a situation where he was allegedly troubled by her unwanted advance?


    1. No, I thought you were implying that I somehow cause these things to happen around me. 🙂

      As for the rest, I at this point have no idea why anybody in their right mind would spend any time on campus when they aren’t scheduled to be in class. Let alone anywhere else around students.

      I had a professor in my BA and MA program who gave me a key to his office so that we could smoke there and hide our bottles of schnapps. He also took us places, gave us his credit card on an international trip to keep us fed, rewrote my honors thesis to get it published. Who knows why he did all this. It really helped me to feel at home and valued at the department. I’m guessing he’s not doing it anymore because nobody is that suicidal. And it’s no loss for him, I’m sure.


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