In Regensburg

The St Peter Cathedral in front of my hotel offers organ music and meditation at noon. I saw the organ and it’s enormous. Obviously, I’m going. I also plan to attend the 7 am mass tomorrow.

What I like in Germany is that nobody has an obsessive hatred of autumn leaves that haunted me back in Ukraine and is rampant in the US, as well.

Look how beautiful they are on the ground. And it’s actually very good for the soil to let them perish naturally.

You just got to love these little European towns that drown in flowers. And this is real, hardcore Germany. Everything started to smell aggressively of boiled cabbage at about 9 am and the smell has gone on unabated. I’m Ukrainian, so I love boiled cabbage but it’s a bit too early for it even for me.

In the realm of culinary delights, breakfast featured what we in Ukraine call “black bread” and it tasted exactly like it did in the USSR (which is a good thing.)

My German is coming back to me torrentially. Reading is the easiest, as always. I don’t mean I’m reading Goethe or Schiller, of course, but I’m doing great with signs, menus, maps, and even a story about a martyred priest I read in the cathedral.

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