Svejk’s Anabasis, Part I

(If you don’t understand the title, then you haven’t read one of the most important novels in Czech literature).

So the last time I posted, I was stuck in Schwandorf with a bunch of confused Thai tourists. Finally, our train to Prague arrived and we boarded it. The train was very full, and I got separated from my Thai friends.

As I say down, I had a really bad feeling. I tried to read but I couldn’t because I knew something wasn’t right. Nobody in the car spoke anything but German, so I started bugging passengers in my deficient German. Finally, I resuscitated some remnants of the language from the depths of my memory and realized that the train to Prague actually went in two different directions. The tail went to Prague while the head went into the profundities of Germany. The two parts of the train had been disconnected after we boarded.

I got off the blasted thing but – and this still bugs me – I couldn’t locate the Thai tourists in time. I have a huge suitcase and the train was too full. There was not a conductor in sight to ask for help.

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