Ugly Ass in the Square

So I come to the square and feel overwhelmed by the phenomenal castle that the photo does not begin to do justice to. Loud choral music is creating a surreal experience. But it’s impossible fully to immerse oneself in the beauty because some geniuses decided to project a video of some ugly-ass naked guy on the wall next to the cathedral. You can see the bright-lit circle on the wall in the photo. Why anybody thinks it’s appropriate or cute to spoil a once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing this place for the first time with a video of a really bad quality ass is a mystery. After the ugly ass video ended, we were shown a video of people grocery shopping. At least they were dressed but the whole thing still detracted from the experience.

The worst part is that if you want to hear the beautiful music, you have to stand close to the blasted video.

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