Ben Gurion

We were informed today that if we are collaborating with any scholars at the Ben Gurion University in Israel, we should stop immediately and cease all contact with scholars there. There is also a list of universities in China and Iran we aren’t supposed to work with but does anybody know what’s up with Ben Gurion?

17 thoughts on “Ben Gurion”

  1. I have no idea, and googling didn’t help. May you share why, if you find out?

    However, googling led to this nice result:

    U.S. Air Force Research Lab to Collaborate with Israel’s Ben Gurion University on Aviation Algorithms.
    The three-year project will focus on developing algorithms that monitor the health of aviation engines.,7340,L-3739415,00.html

    AND this:

    Governor of Illinois Eager to Cooperate with BGU
    Nov. 08, 2017

    Both Rauner and Killeen noted the similarities between the University of Illinois and BGU. Both have a close relationship with industry and are committed to benefitting the communities around them, they said.

    May it be a political step against Rauner?


  2. People at BGU also said something vague against liquidity:

    Greater Market Liquidity Actually Increases Risk, According to BGU Researchers

    This is not to say that we favor less liquid markets over highly liquid ones, but we find that liquidity comes at a cost,” the researchers say. “It is not a free attribute of stock markets.”


      1. The worst part is that if you don’t fully and enthusiastically support it, this doesn’t mean you are simply mistaken. It means you are a terrible person, somebody who wants to do harm to others.


    1. The Chinese because of the recent scandal with microchips and industrial spying. Iran because the relationship is so shitty.

      But Israel? Weren’t we supposed to be friends? I don’t get this.


      1. And just that university. There must be some industrial spying scandal … someone with a joint grant who ended up sharing industrial secrets of a company. The more science and engineering do work-to-order for industry, the more likely this becomes


  3. \ But Israel? Weren’t we supposed to be friends? I don’t get this.

    Israeli “the entire world is antisemitic” hard-liners received yet another confirmation of their worldview. I hate when they get to enjoy this pleasure.

    Have you asked any colleagues about the reason? I thought you had an Israeli colleague too.


    1. This is a dictate from the government. It’s not an academic thing. We aren’t told the rationale for this. The government tells us what to do and we have to follow.


      1. \ This is a dictate from the government.

        Of Illinois or of entire America?

        You still have Rauner, do you not? In the article I linked to this post he talks about being Zionist and having Jewish wife. Why would he support such steps is impossible to understand for me.


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