The Real Opponent

Also, in order to win, the Dem candidate must run against the real Trump and not the Trump of fevered FB memes of the excitable fringe. The real Trump renegotiated NAFTA, saw the unemployment go down to a historic low, was in office when the US dollar was strong, never gave an inch to foreign opponents yet invaded no one, and helped many people see a bump on their paychecks.

This is the real opponent in the 2020 election. Everything else is a fantasy.

10 thoughts on “The Real Opponent”

  1. “See a bump on their paychecks” — I don’t know why this cutesy word “bump on paycheck” turns my stomach so, but it does. I really dislike baby talk, even to babies, and I find it revolting when used to adults.

    In any case, the fact: less was withheld. This was not a raise. Watch when more has to be paid at tax time in 2019, and less is returned. And note how prices have risen / are rising.


    1. ““bump on paycheck” turns my stomach so, but it does. I really dislike baby talk”

      I never perceived ‘bump’ in that expression as baby talk, but more related to “to bump something up (a level)”, informal but not infantile, does getting ‘bumped up’ to business class on an airline flight turn your stomach?


      1. Not as much, no. As I say, I don’t fully understand my reaction but in large part it’s the manipulation: this is not a raise.


    2. The return will be larger next year but not humongous because, as you said, less is being withheld. And that will impact voters because people like to see larger paychecks.

      If Trump convinces the Saudis to bring gas prices to under $2 for the two months before election, he’ll win for sure.


      1. I think he’ll win regardless. I think what’s been done to the environment ALONE should be enough to sink, and with a lot of the other stuff I don’t like added, it’s a no-brainer. But then, I was against him in the first place. And I do NOT see a majority that cares deeply about the things I do. It will be as last time, all about turnout and electoral votes. Maybe some states that have disappointed Trump voters will turn. But with the voter suppression and so on that can be accomplished by then, I am not counting on anything.


  2. We don’t know what people will think of as “the real Trump” when people start voting in 2020.

    But his current poll numbers are pathetic in light of how you describe “the real Trump.” When you look at past presidents at the same point in their terms it looks sad.
    GSLiC doesn’t have the problem of having a shit economy. (Obama, never mind when the recession “officially” ended.)
    GSLiC didn’t need to the Supreme Court to hand him Florida’s electoral votes. (Shrub)
    GSLiC didn’t run in a three way Presidential election. (Clinton)

    But GSLiC still needed a past President who was so unpopular that
    < href=””> he had the Goodbye song sung at him on the way out to canvass Republican senators to get a Supreme Court nominee through. That’s absurd for someone who has approval ratings in the high 80s among Republicans.


    1. If, as I suspect, he will try to get the Saudis to drop oil prices before the election, that will be real Trump.

      As for polls, I’m deeply allergic to the word “polls” wherever Trump is convenient since the last election. The polls told me he was losing for sure, for sure, for the absolutest sure. And now look where we are.

      He has a huge factor of people not wanting to say they like him when asked. I saw warnings about this before the election but I disregarded them. I’m not making that mistake again.


      1. He has a huge factor of people not wanting to say they like him when asked
        If he’s so popular people should not have problems saying they like him when asked. There are so many loud and proud GSLiC supporters who make a point of saying they don’t care what other people think that I can’t imagine people would be shy about declaring their support. Hmm…

        I don’t declare who I support in public because I don’t want my car keyed or my tires slashed and I’m uninterested in making myself more of a hate crime target than I am already but hey what are GSLiC supporters afraid of? With all the MAGA-ing and the winning.


        1. I never said he’s “so popular.” I said he has enough supporters to win. Which he already did once.

          As for what supporters might be afraid of, you can’t be serious. Getting fired, that’s what. Or not getting hired. Or being subjected to social ostracism. Or being hounded by morality police. Trump won the election but his side lost the culture war a long time ago. Look how scared I am, and I fucking detest Trump. But I depart enough from the party line to be terrified.


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