Taking Yourself Very Seriously

Right now, all I can think of is that I need to get up from this desk and walk into the kitchen and make myself some lunch. So I’m going to do that. Nourishing myself is necessary, immediate self-care, and it’s also all the self-care I can manage at the moment.

I’ve been accused of being pompous but even I would never say “nourishing myself is necessary, immediate self-care I can manage” instead of saying “I gotta go eat.”

3 thoughts on “Taking Yourself Very Seriously”

  1. Pretty soon people will start saying that self-care is so important that they need to take the time to create a schedule for their daily/weekly self-care, instead of being productive.


  2. Presently, all my wit can contemplate is that I must rise from this coffin and partake of the blood of a trustful innocent as their form turns gelid and limp in my dreadful embrace. So I shall do that. Feasting on the claret of their being is paramount for my self-care and this exsanguination is all the self-care I can manage anon.

    –Count Dracula


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