Snooty British Ethicist

Our annual ethics test has changed and is now read by a person with a snooty British accent.

Mind you, I don’t think that British pronunciation per se is snooty. I love British pronunciation. But the fellow who reads this training does sound obnoxious and condescending. He sounds like he’ll go fox-hunting in a tweed jacket right after he finishes lecturing us on how to be good little servants. I fully expect him to refer to state employees as “the help” any second now.

And I really hate it how they break up the training into tiny little segments to make sure you can’t do anything else while you listen to it. Of course, I’m smarter than some snooty fox-hunting Brit, so I’m blogging up a storm while he drones on.

I wonder how much the services of the snooty fox-hunter cost the state of Illinois and how many academic journal subscriptions we could get with that money.

3 thoughts on “Snooty British Ethicist”

  1. “The answers are always obvious”

    a) take the money from the wallet and drop it in a trashcan
    b) take the money from the wallet and then mail it to the address of the person who dropped it
    c) return the wallet to the person who dropped it without taking any money from it

    decisions…. decisions….


    1. I had to keep the sound on because otherwise I wouldn’t know when he stopped droning and it was time to press the button.

      It’s unbelievable that people were hired to come up with ways to ensure that it wasn’t possible to avoid watching the whole thing. The state paid money to somebody to come up with these idiotic tricks. This is ridiculous!!!


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