Illegal Yodeling

This is funny in a really crazy way:

An Austrian pensioner, Helmut Griese, was convicted for yodelling in his back garden while he mowed his lawn. His Muslim neighbours took offence because they believed he was mocking the Islamic call to prayer. The yodelling fell foul of Austria’s laws against the ‘disparagement of religious symbols’ – a law originally conceived to prevent neo-Nazis from desecrating Jewish graves. Unable to prove that he was yodelling for pleasure and unwilling to fight a lengthy court battle, he agreed to pay an €800 fine.

You can’t make this shit up.

3 thoughts on “Illegal Yodeling”

  1. So with idiocy like this taking over Western civilization, why is anybody surprised that nationalist, anti-immigrant political parties are gaining popularity across Europe — and that Trump has at least an even chance of being re-elected in 2020?


    1. “At least an even chance” isvan understatement of the year, I have to say. It looks like even the blue wave might not happen. So yeah. . . Poor yodeling guy.


  2. That’s the problem with the laws, the authorities, and most average people—-the way they can be just as bad as the censors when it comes to flagrantly misunderstanding and misinterpreting even the most innocuous activities as having evil intentions or ulterior motives.


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