Really Creepy

The creepiest thing I have seen on any Halloween is the design one family created today.

They made an elaborate design that just drew you in, wanting to see it in more detail. Part of the design was a cage decorated with skeletons. And they put a severely disabled kid inside the cage. Which at first you don’t understand and think you are gaping at a doll or something. Because the kid is quadriplegic and not aware of the surroundings.

I understand that they want to include the kid, and that’s great. But I now feel horrible because I stood right in front of the cage and exclaimed, “Look, Klara, this is a really spooky monster!” Because I had no idea there was a kid inside. Again, I realize it’s not about me but I feel kind of horrible.

2 thoughts on “Really Creepy”

  1. They put a live severely disabled child in their display for shock value??

    That’s not funny or clever at all — it’s utterly contemptible, even if the child was unaware of what was going on. It’s even worse than bragging about sending your son to school with red fingernails so he can be predictably ridiculed and bullied.


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