Protein Boxes

We have this really great thing at the locally owned grocery store where for $19.96 they sell a large box containing four smaller boxes with different kinds of protein. It can be split chicken breasts, pork chops, hamburger, and drumsticks, for example. Each smaller box lasts us two days. So you end up having your protein solved for the whole week for under $20.

And before you decide it’s shitty meat they want to get rid of fast, remember that I’m a great cook. Nobody can palm off bad meat on me.

These protein boxes make me very happy. Yes, I sound crazy. But 98% of what we eat is homemade from scratch. It’s neither easy nor cheap.

14 thoughts on “Protein Boxes

  1. Meat, obtained where, grown in what circumstances, fed what, slaughtered and processed how, would be my questions here. But I am a princess.


      1. Haha! I’m just a princess — the grocery store meat nowadays, I really don’t trust. Although somehow I drop the worry if I am in a restaurant, or at someone else’s house.


        1. If you come to visit, I promise I’ll do local and organic. What you saw back in Florida wasn’t representative of my cooking because it was all done on a fly in unfamiliar circumstances. I can even do something Baltic for you. Or Peruvian, which is much better.


  2. Free sound medical/financial advice:

    “Organic” = overpriced, doesn’t taste any better, isn’t significantly healthier.


    1. I can’t speak to whether it’s healthier because I simply don’t know but there’s no difference in taste. People say there is but I think they mostly imagine it to justify the price.


      1. By the way, the grill arrived. I haven’t had time to unpack it yet but I’ll post the picture of the first thing I make using it. Omaha steaks have arrived, too, and it looks like a good match.


        1. I’m curious to see how long it takes to cook steaks on your grill compared to mine — I’ve read some reviews that say the newer grills with removable plates take longer to heat up than the original grills.

          My grill will cook an Omaha Steaks hamburger perfectly in exactly 9 minutes, if you put the frozen burger on a cold grill (no pre-thawing the burger or pre-heating the grill) and plug it in.

          I recommend you thaw solid meat cuts (beef steaks and pork chops) in the refrigerator before grilling so you get more even cooking, but pre-heating the grill isn’t necessary — just use a slightly longer grilling time.

          You’ll have to experiment to determine grilling times for the results you want. The instructions with the grill aren’t much help there.


      2. “People say there is but I think they mostly imagine it to justify the price.”

        There are many people who deliberately pay higher prices for everything they buy, simply because they believe that doing so is a marker of their class status.


      3. ” I simply don’t know but there’s no difference in taste”
        Taste depends on more than whether it’s organic or not. I’d say the big difference is in cultivars, something that’s been bred to be eaten soon after harvest will taste better than one bred to be durable (so that it can be shipped a couple thousand kilometers).


    2. Organic half and half makes regular half and half taste like cardboard.

      I haven’t found a difference in the eggs, mainly because they all tend to be old. It’s hard finding good ones to poach.

      But I think people buy organic because they think they’ll avoid the pesticides and antibiotics and hormones in non organic food. My cousins only feed their kids organic dairy and eggs.


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