New Year’s Fun

Folks, do you know what’s real fun? Asking Alexa to play “Russian music.” It offers the weirdest mix of hardcore Soviet propaganda songs (which were actually really good music and lyrics) and super trashy perestroika-era songs. We are pissing ourselves with laughter here.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Fun

  1. You DO realize that Alexa is spying on your family 24/7, right?

    It’s recording every single word you say, all the toys Klara is ordering through it behind your back, all your arguments with N in the other room, probably reading (and translating)
    your Ukrainian-language thoughts if you stand too close to it, storing all that data in the mysterious “cloud” and e-mailing your family secrets to a thousand other Alex users by mistake, while Russian and Chinese hackers listen in, meanwhile building up its own A.I. master plan for world domination.

    When they come for you after the revolution, don’t say you weren’t warned.


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