Crush Little Bibi

Alexa doesn’t get my accent either. Today she informed me she doesn’t have a song titled “Crush Little Bibi.” Feel free to guess what I actually requested.

7 thoughts on “Crush Little Bibi”

  1. “Crush little Bibi”
    now I’m wondering how the rest goes..
    Crush little Bibi, dome say revert
    Mama’s scone bayou mocking Bert
    If Zack’s mocking Bert dome sink
    Mama’s scone bayou demon rink….


      1. And if you remembered whose nickname “Bibi” also is, you would notice that this innocent misunderstanding by your Alexa can cause another war in the Middle East… Or at least an anti-Semitism lawsuit against the makers of Alexa.


  2. I once asked for a bottle of water at a drive-thru and the confused assistant thought I was asking for strawberry fanta…!? (British accent in the US)


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