Book Notes: Castellanos Moya’s The Fighter and the Maid

Castellanos Moya’s books give a bonus to readers who read more than one. The books are interconnected in very subtle yet fascinating ways. So if you read just one, you will massively enjoy it as a standalone book. Yet read another, and you’ll see the first one in a very different light.

Obviously, Castellanos Moya didn’t invent this way of writing. Balzac, Galdós – they all have their narrative universes that are complex and fun to explore. Castellanos Moya does it amazingly well, though. The Fighter and the Maid was written 7 years before Moronga but I’m reading it after. And it’s so enjoyable. I’m seeing Moronga in a very different way thanks to the earlier novel. It’s really subtle, really seamless, and it’s like a bonus hidden in the books for the regular readers.

The novel itself is about the beginning of the Civil War in El Salvador, and I strongly recommend it to anybody who wants to have an opinion on immigration or the border wall. Are you entirely sure that you are ready to have the characters of this novel move here? Any opinion is fine as long as it’s informed. These are Salvadorans in their own words. Why not get informed from this source before opining?

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