Surveillance Capitalism in Action

My sister started telling me about Amazon’s marketing strategies.

“You say things like ‘Alexa, send me toilet paper! Alexa, send me diapers!’…..”

“Stop!” I screamed. “My phone is on! It will start sending me stuff! I don’t need toilet paper and diapers!”

Canadian Socialism

Do you know how much it costs to buy zoo tickets for three kids and two adults in Canada?


And it’s another $100 to buy very primitive snacks for the group.

Do you know how much the same tickets would cost at St Louis zoo?


And the snacks would be a third of what they are here.

You really need a ton of money to be a good parent in Canada.

Double Standard

I also need to mention that “watched, laughed and offered advice as a rape happened” means participated in a gang rape. Voyeurs are sexual agents.

This wouldn’t be confusing in what concerns any other crime. Everybody seems comfortable with people being sentenced as guilty of murder because they egg somebody on to commit murder without even being present at the scene. Here the perpetrator is not only present but encourages the crime as it occurs. I fail to see how this is anything but a gang rape.

A good way to make things clear for oneself is to ask, if these identical allegations were made about Trump, would my reaction be identical? Because if it’s not, there’s something really wrong here.

Ukraine Reports on MLK Scandal

The MLK rape story is making headlines in Ukraine. Of course, there is a Ukrainian spin on the story. Ukrainians are traditionally very opposed to worshiping individuals and are finding proof that it’s the right approach in the MLK scandal.

I’m out of the US for the moment and don’t know if it’s being extensively covered there. Would be funny if we lagged behind Ukraine in reporting the story.

News from AOC

AOC is proposing a ban on lawmakers becoming lobbyists after their terms run out. This is a much, much needed measure, and I’m very excited about this. I read online that she’s getting really good support for this. I really want this Congress to turn out right, and this is the direction I’d like to see it go. Good, useful measures that are very needed.

A Weird Brain

In the midst of three kids running around, screaming their heads off, and being kids and a bunch of adults running around and being very Ukrainian, Hispanic and Jewish, I wrote 800 words of my new book today.

I work a lot better in a pandemonium than in silence. If everybody left me alone to write in peace, I might do 300 words, if that. Maybe I should hire a circus to come to my house and make noise when I get home.

Another FB Explanation

And I also just saw an ad for Trump in my FB feed. It turns out that two of my Canadian colleagues are fans. The way FB explains it is that “he want to reach people ages 18 and older living in the US.”

At least, the explanation is not offensive.

I’m really into these FB rationales today.