Surveillance Capitalism in Action

My sister started telling me about Amazon’s marketing strategies.

“You say things like ‘Alexa, send me toilet paper! Alexa, send me diapers!’…..”

“Stop!” I screamed. “My phone is on! It will start sending me stuff! I don’t need toilet paper and diapers!”

7 thoughts on “Surveillance Capitalism in Action

  1. A controversial liberal twitter account with a lot of followers got banned for “hateful conduct.” He was quoting a movie, and in context it’s clear he himself isn’t homophobic (in fact, he’s gay.) This guy is an awful person, much like most of the people who’ve been banned from twitter, but it’s still wrong, and it shows that it’s not just conservatives who have to worry.


    1. “He was quoting a movie”

      You don’t seriously expect the censors at Twitter (or Facebook or anywhere else) to be knowledgeable enough to recognize a quote from an Academy Award-winning movie, do you?


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