Young Chef

Klara looked critically at her bowl of cauliflower soup, fished out every single Lima bean from the stew I was planning to eat, added it to the soup, plonked a cup of fresh blueberries and raspberries on top, mixed it all up, and devoured the concoction with great gusto.

Apparently, it turned out so delicious that she licked the bowl to avoid wasting a single drop. I’d try it myself if I didn’t detest cauliflower.

4 thoughts on “Young Chef

  1. Cauliflower-berry- lima bean soup just sounds like a keto cheat day concoction. Except the cauliflower needs to be riced.


    1. It was riced!!! I’m not familiar with keto but I riced it because I hate even looking at it. It’s a phobia. I’d rather touch spiders than cauliflower.


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