Kid Drawing Riddle

Klara is learning to draw faces. When she draws eyes, she always makes one about 5 times larger than the other. This is done purposefully.

Can anybody guess why?

A hint: the reason, of course, is extremely cute.

P.S. I wrote the name. She only knows how to write OL so far.

3 thoughts on “Kid Drawing Riddle

  1. Going to bed now (2 a.m. Arizona time), so won’t read any replies until tomorrow , but it’s a known medical fact that most people have a dominant eye that they use to catch most of the action around them. (About two-thirds of people are right-eye dominant, one-third left-dominant, and a small percentage neither-eye dominant, so the spread doesn’t directly match the percentage of individuals who are right or left-handed.)

    In the beautiful drawing that you’ve posted, Klara’s left eye is obviously dominant — no doubt for a far cuter and less scientific reason than I state.

    I’m looking forward to reading her reason ( and the responses of various other readers) tomorrow morrow morning. Until then, good night!


  2. Is the big eye a future large eye of an adult Klara?

    If you had glasses, I would guess it was the eye for\instead of glasses in order to see well.

    Wait, is it a telescope eye to see far away things?


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