A Japanese Caricature of the World, 1932

I didn’t get Central America at first but I was looking too close. You have to see the whole region at once to get it.

8 thoughts on “A Japanese Caricature of the World, 1932

  1. This map recalls to mind a previous major misjudgment of the part of the Smithsonian Institution’s Air and Space Museum. In 1995, the museum displayed an exhibit of the U.S. bomber Enola Gay aircraft, which had dropped the world’s first atomic bomb on Hiroshima fifty years earlier in 1945, bringing the most brutal war in human history to a quick end.

    The displayed signs in the Smithsonian Museum stated that “For most Americans, this…was a war of vengeance” [NOT STATED: that it was for the sneak attack at Pearl Harbor while our countries were at peace, and for subsequent atrocities like the slaughter of American and Filipino prisoners during the Bataan Death March], while on the other hand, “For most Japanese, it was a war to defend their unique culture against Western imperialism” [NOT STATED: while the Japanese were spreading their unique culture across the Philippines, China, Korea, Indonesia, and to the shores of Australia in a trail of blood using captured enemy soldiers for live bayonet practice].

    American veterans’ groups objected strenuously, and the U.S. Senate unanimously demanded a revision to the exhibit, and the Smithsonian rightly backed off.

    After 24 years, I thought that the Smithsonian had learned its lesson concerning accurate historical reporting. Now after their magazine’s last month’s glowing fantasy about Che Guevara being “a sensitive, introverted poet” unable to rest “as long as injustice still exists in the world,” its magazine will never get another dime of my money.


    1. I also used to have a subscription to the magazine. But then it got into the business if indoctrinating on every page and I was done. Had enough of this sort of garbage reading The Time of the Komsomol.


  2. Comment in response to “A Japanese Caricature of the World, 1932”

    I do not understand this map at all. No doubt this is because my brain tends to understand only words, not pictures so much. an you clarify it, please??


  3. Also off-topic: Are you watching (have you seen) Brigada Costa del Sol?
    I usually don’t go in for drug traffic related stuff but the show (I’ve just seen the first two episodes so far) is a tremendous amount of fun (if that’s the right word).
    Between Casa de papel and this I’m thinking maybe Spain is finally getting an idea on how to do good TV series.


      1. “Thanks for letting me know it’s good”

        Now I’ll feel responsible if it goes off the rails and turns into nonsense like so many Spanish series do…. It’s set in the 1970s at the beginning of the tourist boom when the drug trade wasn’t as….. corporate as it is now and is more about recreational use than life-wrecking dysfunction so it ends up (so far) more like a standard cop show (but in a time and place where people hate the cops).


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