Keto Buns

So I made keto buns using the famous psyllium husk and almond flour recipe, and they turned out to be amazing. Better than real bread. Expensive as fuck, of course, but that’s everything keto.

I’m having a family weekend, not following news, and doing zero work. Mostly screen-free, too, except for a 4D movie “Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer,” which was Klara’s first theater movie ever.

Also, I saw a goose at the supermarket for the first time ever. It cost $76. I still can’t get over it. Does anybody know why it’s so much more expensive than a duck that normally costs $20? It’s bigger but not humongously bigger. We live in a Geese Town, and the temptation to wack a bird on the head and drag it home grows.

7 thoughts on “Keto Buns

  1. The problem with that is that you could putting yourself at risk for a host of bacterial diseases, such as salmonella, shigella, E. coli, etc, not to mention any parasites the goose may be carrying as well.


  2. At my age, “4D” is one D too many for a movie! I saw my first 3-D motion picture back in 1953 when I was 8 years-old, and the amazing optical illusion of apparently real-life depth in front of and behind an obviously flat theatrical screen thrilled me — and today after almost 70 years, it still does.

    That’s why I have over a hundred 3-D DVD and Blu-Ray movies in my collection, and watch them repeatedly in my home office projected in large-screen format on the far white wall opposite the 3-D digital projector attached to my computer.

    But forget the new “4D” technology! I can enjoy all the fantasy images in my face without my seat jerking and bumping me hard in the butt, or some hidden misting device spraying water in my eyes. The quadraphonic soundtrack screaming at me from hidden speakers behind my back isn’t an improvement, either.

    Stereoscopic 3-D is the epitome format for action movies, but some producers don’t know when to stop overdoing things!


  3. It probably has to do with the popularity of other birds, like turkey, chicken, and duck. Goose isn’t particularly popular, and wild goose can be extremely greasy. Farmers may not raise geese as often because they know people don’t buy them as much. That drives the price up, though apparently closer to the holidays if you shop around you might get lucky and find some at a decent price. You could ask at your local farmer’s market.


    1. “Goose isn’t particularly popular”

      Which I don’t get since it’s effin’ delicious! It’s more expensive than other birds in Poland but not more or less the same price as duck. But duck fat which is essentially useless goose fat is also wonderful.


        1. Thanks for the tip how long does it take? The first time I cooked duck I didn’t do anything about the fat and it was just awful. Then somebody told me to “kill it a second time” (puncture the skin in numerous places with a fork) to let the fat cook out before doing anything else.
          For my usual duck recipe I usually cook it in the pot on low heat until I get all the fat out that I can and pour it all out before the serious cooking begins.


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