“Sex Work” Is a Neoliberal Slogan

And this whole idea of “sex work,” gosh, even the expression is stupid. People think they are being progressive and even subversive with this pathetic neoliberal mantra that everything is a commodity.

It’s incredible how many of these pseudo-progressive slogans are dusty old neoliberal clichés. “Markets in everything,” as the guru of neoliberalism Tyler Cowen always says. And woe be onto anybody who suggests that markets shouldn’t be in everything.

It’s gotten to the point where it’s considered progressive to applaud exploitation of extremely damaged people. Because the worst thing that can happen is that a consumer won’t be able to buy what he wants.

Cowen, at least, is honest about his ideology.

3 thoughts on ““Sex Work” Is a Neoliberal Slogan

  1. I always thought the point of “sex worker” was to include things like strippers, dominatrixes, and web-cam performers who are doing things related to sex, but who are not actual prostitutes. Though you can be sure that almost everyone who uses the term “sex worker” is in favor of legalization of prostitution.

    I used to be in favor of legalized prostitution, an attitude I picked up from having lots of Dutch and German friends who often consider legalized prostitution a very positive thing. In recent years I have changed my opinion after reading a number of articles about problems with prostitution in Germany. Pro-prostitution people love to trot out examples of “happy” prostitutes who love their jobs, but it’s telling that 90% if the prostitutes in Germany (and other western European countries) are foreign born women from poor countries and the few German women who become prostitutes tend to come from poor, violent family backgrounds or have serious drug problems. There may really be some “happy” prostitutes out there, but I suspect they are few and far between. Most prostitutes are desperate or violently forced into prostitution.


  2. The point of the term “sex work” is to avoid stigmatizing prostitutes. Third-wave feminism and queer theorists generally support the legalization of “sex work” as a means to protect “sex workers,” but you you can’t support (the legalization of) sex work without also supporting the johns and pimps, and misogyny in general, because prostitution is at its very core a misogynistic industry.

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