Merry Christmas!

We will be celebrating Christmas with ají de gallina, caviar-stuffed eggs, roast duck, French pâtés, papas a la Huancaína, and lobster straight from our Nova Scotia relatives.

Merry Christmas, everybody!

What’s on your table tonight?

7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. “What’s on your table tonight?”

    7 oz. sirlon steak cooked in the George Forman grill

    chicken breast baked in the conventional oven

    half can of barbecued beans with a slice of cheddar cheese heated/melted in the microwave

    two slices of day-old pizza eaten cold (tastes better than reheated)

    apple tart baked in the conventional oven for dessert

    can of Dr. Pepper after the meal to wash it all down

    Merry Christmas!


      1. Take her to Pizza Hut and buy her a crispy thin crust pepperoni pizza. It still tastes good after two days in the refrigerator.


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