New Year Resolution #2

I have come up with a New Year’s resolution. In 2020, I want to watch more movies. I will watch one movie a month in a theater and one movie a month not in a theater. Altogether, this will be more movies I have seen in the last 15 years.

I’m tired of always having to say, “No, I haven’t seen it. I haven’t seen anything.”

I need to find a list of film classics or something. Like that movie Casablanca. I’ve seen it mentioned a tribizillion times but I have no idea what it’s about. I mean, I have a vague idea. It’s about an affair or something.

One Hollywood movie I really love and have watched at least ten times is Hotel Rwanda. It’s very well-made. The director is talented, the actors are great. If I could find more films like that, I’d be happy.

Or Single White Female. It was like a Law & Order episode, really nice.

The kind of movie I hate is Traffic (remember back in 2000? Horrible), Pan’s Labyrinth, and American Beauty. I hate pretentious stuff with “a deeper meaning.” Just tell a good story, film it in an unobnoxious way, and spare us your imbecilic philosophizing.

4 thoughts on “New Year Resolution #2

  1. Such a vast playground. I have to confess, however, that I have never watched is Casablanca. Looking forward to reading about your discoveries.


  2. Casablanca is great (it’s romance against a backdrop of WWII intrigue), definitely worth checking out. As long as you’re watching Humphrey Bogart movies The Maltese Falcon is also recommended.


  3. “Like that movie Casablanca. I’ve seen it mentioned a tribizillion times”

    Another immigrant dilemma, you can either try to gain a rudimentary understanding of American popular culture (to provide a counter voice when needed) to Klara or you can let her deal with the cultural echoes all by herself.

    I didn’t see Casablanca until I was living in a teachers dorm in the 1990s (and had Turner Classic Movies). I watched it with a Canadian friend (anglophone but he’d lived in Quebec with which he had a love/hate relationship). We were both very unimpressed (not as unimpressed as we were with Shaft, which was truly dire…. awful movie with one good song to redeem it).

    In terms of the 1930s besides Gone with the Wind (which I assume you know) and Wizard of Oz the only movie off the top of my head you really should see is ‘It happened one night’ (screwball comedy set in the deepest darkest part of the great depression).

    In the 1940s there’s a lot more you’d want to become acquainted with, I’ll second the Maltese Falcon (Mary Astor is a marvel). I’ll be thinking of others…


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