I just discovered that schvitzing is a real word. I was completely sure I invented it.

I’m guessing I must have heard it in an early-childhood Yiddish experience and retained it.

It’s fascinating how language works.

3 thoughts on “Schvitzing

  1. Well, there’s not a Jewish bone in my body, but decades ago I learned a number of Judendeutsch expressions while I was stationed in Europe and expanding my fluency in High German and a few of its dialects.

    Doesn’t the Yiddish verb *schvitzen” simply mean” to sweat”?

    Like Chuck Schumer and his fellow Democratic Senators are doing at this very late hour, after Schumer forced the Senate, including all his fellow Democrats, to stay up very late tonight in a very dramatic and very FAILED effort to wear down supposedly vulnerable Republicans by forcing the Senate to vote one at a time on ELEVEN separate bills to bring new evidence or witnesses into the Senate — and he LOST every single vote along party lines!

    His other apparent hope was to change the apathetic opinion of the “American People” from a total “MEH” to a groundswell of “REMOVE TRUMP!” Nice try: Of the ten people who actually watched this farce, half of them fell asleep with in the first thirty minutes, four are being given electroschock therapy at their state psychiatric hospitals to get their confused brains back in order, and one of them — me — is simply going to bed, and looking forward to more realistic dreams that the current psychodrama playing out in Washington.

    (Don’t worry. I’ll also watch most of the next two day’s Senate idiocy, so productive academics like you don’t have to.)


    1. I couldn’t believe it when I saw yesterday that they were still buggering around with the stupid impeachment. Two-thirds of Tucker’s show were given over to some boring speech of some obscure loser in the Senate.


  2. I first hear schvitz on the Sopranos when one Paulie suggested to Pussy that they got to a schvitz (used as a noun IIRC). It was a ruse, It was suspected that Pussy was an informant and his refusal was all but proof that he had been turned).


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