More Waco

Now I’m watching a documentary on Waco, and in it there’s this disgusting politician who is going out of his way to prove that what the FBI did to the victims was justified.

And he’s really giving me the creeps because there’s something oddly familiar about him and his dishonest screeching. And guess what? It’s Chuck Schumer. Unbelievable! The guy’s been justifying evil actions by the FBI for decades.

For some reason, I kept thinking that Democrats were more countercultural and anti-militaristic in the 1990s. I was clearly wrong.

After Waco

I finished watching Waco. Now I’m depressed. I knew about the story from other TV shows like Law & Order and X-Files, which existed to whitewash the FBI after Ruby Ridge and Waco. But I obviously wasn’t around when it happened, so I had no idea how bad it was.

Now isn’t a great time to watch this series unless your mental health is really hardcore strong. One doesn’t want to give in to any facile analogies but it’s hard not to.

If you were around and followed the news in 1993, what did you think about what happened at Waco? Did your opinion change over time?

Who Wants Online Education?

The administration, by the way, doesn’t want us to be stuck in an online format for the next academic year. They suspect we don’t work enough when we are at home and feel like we don’t earn our keep.

The students are hating the online format profoundly.

It’s the faculty who are driving the madness. They are enjoying sitting at home doing nothing and still getting paid. Plus, it’s politically expedient, so why not?

I used to believe in the “evil administration” trope but now I know that every idiotic thing in academia is fervently desired by faculty. Even the existence of a mushrooming administration is. I’m still traumatized over how 96% of faculty at my college voted for an institution of a new deanlet of diversity position in addition to two university-wide diversity offices.


One gripe I have with Waco is the miscasting of female parts. Especially the wife number one. All of the cult members look way too upper middle class, healthy and beautifully groomed. But at least in the case of the lawyer and the professor it’s somewhat justified. They used to live outside of the lumpen class and maybe some of that stuck. But a woman like the wife number one can’t look like a rich Instagram star. This actress should be playing Felicity Hoffman’s daughter because her vapidity and perfect skin would make sense in that context.