Computer Help Needed

Is it a mistake to charge small devices through the USB ports on my desktop? I think I somehow fried the desktop by charging my reading lamp through the USB. Now when the desktop starts to boot up, it tells me that I’m using the wrong USB port and shuts down. Obviously, I’ve taken everything out of the USB ports.

4 thoughts on “Computer Help Needed

  1. “Now when the desktop starts to boot up, it tells me that I’m using the wrong USB port and shuts down.”

    What version of Windows are you using?

    What is the EXACT wording of the error message that you get on boot-up? Quote it verbatim in a comment, and then we can look for a solution though Google search…


  2. I fix computers for fun, but am not an expert. It has been my experience that computer USB ports should be limited to charging things that you generally use for data as well as for power – which means telephones, mp3 players, brand name cameras etc and that is all.

    Generally, devices that are mainly a battery without any kind of data – like power banks, fans, lamps etc are cheap, generally not tested by the manufacturer for what they do to sensitive motherboards, generally draw too much power, and are much more likely to one day overwhelm some very small component on the USB bus and somehow ruin it.

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    1. I think that’s exactly what happened. I shorted the circuits on the motherboard. It’s a $5,000 computer, so I felt like a total idiot.


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