How Elections Work

Here’s what I learned about elections back where I’m from. And I know that Americans are very very special and already know everything and the idea that somebody can have something useful to communicate is ludicrous but still I’ll try.

At the actual polls, you can falsify 10-12% of the vote max. Nobody falsifies 80% at the polls, not even Putin.

So if you are going in and you are not the establishment favorite, remember that your starting position is -15% or better yet -20%. This means that to win you need 65-75% of the vote. The moment you tell yourself that you need fifty percent and one vote, you have already lost.

Another issue is that votes are decided before people get to the polls. Putin fakes 10-12% but the rest is completely sincere.

This leads us to the another important point.

Whoever controls the media of mass communications always wins. The reason why Putin always gets his sincere 60% is that every TV channel repeats all day long that there’s no alternative to him, without him there will be chaos, thuggery in the streets, Nazism, and hey, there’s nobody better anyway. Of course, they never allow anybody better to appear on TV, so the illusion is complete.

So here’s a recipe in a society where soft totalitarianism has triumphed. Get yourself a TV network and shoot for 75% of the vote.

And forget the word “unfair” because nobody likes a whiny loser.

Aside from the part about the TV station, this is a great life strategy, as well.

34 thoughts on “How Elections Work”

  1. “At the actual polls, you can falsify 10-12% of the vote max.”

    That’s what was so deranged about Belarus…. that country has first past the pole voting so stupid Lukaszenka didn’t even need a majority, he could have faked it so that he had 46 or so per cent of the vote (a bit more than the second place candidate) and people would barely bat an eye (since that’s probably not much larger than his real support from the elderly and/or under-educated).
    But he got greedy and couldn’t stand the appearance of losing support from his previous 80 % victories…


    1. I can’t read yet another piece on how Trump is a dictator. I’ve read this for 4 years.

      Can we just stop with this dictator, Nazi, fascist, Hitler stuff?


        1. Then why haven’t they? Four years of this. Zero proof yet they go on and on. Wailing, weeping, screaming, looting. When is it going to stop?

          These are the people who are pushing for a civil war. These are the people who are destroying any possibility of unity.


            1. Bit difficult to think of Joe Biden being the dictator of anything when half the country thinks he cheated in the election and millions of people looking at his sons hard drive think that the whole Biden family are incestuous junkies and pedophiles.


              1. In my experience there aren’t really any rulers in socialist type systems. It’s more like a swarm of people endlessly jostling for whatever it is they want that day based on endless intrigues etc.

                In a sense I agree with you – yes of course, Joe Biden is little more than a symbol representing Democratic power. In another sense, though, that it why I disagree with you – because Joe Biden, along with all those emails, pictures of penises, drug use etc – are a symbol representing Democratic power.


            2. Biden won’t be a dictator. They’ll prop him up in the Oval Office with his rubber ducky while the politburo behind the scenes does the serious dictatoring.


              1. That is pretty much what we are all dreading. If he became a real dictator, there’d at least be a definite boundary. You’d know who was in charge. This… I don’t think many of us are looking forward to rule by a faceless-but-vindictive bureaucracy.

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            3. Biden is simply in the seat. He will be told what to do and what to TRY to say but something like a Democrat Politburo. His “Cabinet” populated with communists like Sanders will be in control. Biden, for the most part, is clueless.


        2. If Trump were a dictator, his opposition would either be dead or in jail. The media would be blacked out for spreading all the lies about him or failing to correct them…. like the “good people on both sides” or the “suckers and losers” lies that Biden and his supporters LOVE to repeat without any push back at all.


      1. I find this entire vein of criticism ludicrous. Are people so naive that they believe that a fascist nazi dictator would allow a bunch of articles and opinion pieces to be published in the mainstream media calling him a fascist nazi dictator? Trump is a vulgar and imprudent person, but besides a few crazy tweets and offensive statements to media, there is not much else to say about him. How many people’s careers were destroyed for claiming that Trump is a dictator? However, openly supporting Trump and disagreeing with things like CRT can (and did) cost people their professional careers. So who is the dictator here?

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        1. Exactly. I’m so tired of this endless bleating about dictatorships and Hitler. Four years of this and zero proof.

          Al Gore litigated his loss for 6 weeks post-election and we never heard a peep about Hitler.


            1. “People must have been crazy enthusiastic about Biden.”

              Who wouldn’t be after the story of his leg hair in the water….

              It that isn’t presidential then what is?

              And he loves kids jumping on his lap!


        2. I’ve been telling woke crybabies for years that if Trump were any of the things they call him, they’d be dead or in a dungeon somewhere. Sheer idiocy!


          1. The one person they never call a dictator or make rude remarks of any kind about, or ever, ever make jokes about, is the Comrade General Secretary Mao Tse Ping.


              1. “not seeing the joke part”

                Fair point. But not all jokes are funny ha-ha. Some are funny dark and peculiar – as in you had to be there.


          2. They can call him a fascist precisely because he is not a fascist. Go to North Korea shouting Kim Jong is a fascist. Start the timer.


    2. Seriously, David, other than breathless repition from the media, what evidence has Trump given that this would happen? Zero. Also, while 70 million people voted for him, the rest did not. Do you think that group would sit around and let a dictatorship occur? You people have convinced yourself that Trump is the devil incarnate. I keep asking my lib friends what’s wrong with him and all they can say are things like “kids in cages” “racist” “homophobe” “xenophobe” “anti-science” (this one was rich considering everything Trump did to combat COVID started with Fauci and Birk at CDC. Notabley, Birk said that if we had 200k dead, we would be extraordinarily lucky. Guess what, that’s about what we have – less if you deduct the dead who had an incidental COVID infection when they died.)


      1. That’s why I stopped arguing with the liberal friends a long time ago. I like a good argument but when people begin to splutter and get red in the face, it’s useless.


  2. Speaking of controlling the media… a huge number of people jumped ship from FB in the last month after having their personal accounts or groups suspended/banned/deleted/censored. A bunch of them turned up on the new-ish social media site MeWe (and Parler! It’s a tidal wave!), and have been using it to circulate info about their difficulties with FB and Twitter, as well as election fraud news. I’m told that site has been suffering what looks like a ddos attack today, and going down a lot.

    At the same time, Monster Hunter Nation, the website of goofy libertarian former-accountant-turned-SF-writer, is also down. Here’s an archived version of his last entry, wearing his accountant hat and talking about the election shenanigans:


    1. Monster Hunter Nation went down because he needs to find a new server–got too many hits and crashed his site.


      1. So I heard. Apparently it happens every time he writes an article that gets shared around a lot. I guess that’s a good sign, that it’s being passed around so much. I’m guessing MeWe and Parler are having similar difficulties with the huge influx of Twatter and FacePlant refugees.


          1. I haven’t been on FB since the election because I don’t want to see people I know and respect slobbering over Kamala Harris. But like you, I can’t leave completely because my professional group is on there and I love it.


          2. If I were you, I might go ahead and go sign up at MeWe and a couple of the other up-and-coming social platforms and play with the features to see how they work. And start collecting phone numbers and emails for the people you need to keep in touch with. You may find sooner than you think, that your FB group has evaporated, or your account has been suspended, and need somewhere to relocate your group. Parler (more like Twitter) acquired five million new users over this last weekend, and MeWe two million, after FB and Twitter did a big purge, and also a bunch of people realized that all the news that was being censored on those sites was available elsewhere. The exodus is real.


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