Brain Surgery

People see this yet they still trust this outlet when it reports stories about armed insurrections or fire extinguisher deaths at the Capitol. It’s like parts of their brain have been surgically excised.

6 thoughts on “Brain Surgery

  1. Not just CNN. What about Harvard? They also seem to have lost their collective mind. Or started specializing in brain acrobatics, because how else does one go from reparations to reduction in COVID cases?


    1. “how else does one go from reparations to reduction in COVID cases?”

      The people they’ve convinced that men have babies and women have penises the people are too deep in and so they have to buy into whatever else nonsense is thrown at them…. so it’ll be a never ending cascade of bullshit to make sure everyone’s still self-censoring…

      My position on reparations depends on knowing the model ahead of time… which no one has ever done, so…. no.

      My best guess now is that something called “reparations” will happen and will simply be one more form of capital transfer to the oligarchy (maybe with useful hucksters like Ta-Nehisi Coates or Ibram Kendi fronting ‘foundations’ that get more of your tax dollars.


  2. I’ve (briefly) worked in an NGO where part of the job was reshaping a pre-existing project into a good fit for the buzzwords of the day so that it would get grant money. This feels like it’s roughly in the same spirit.

    What’s interesting to me here is that, in terms of rhetorical pecking order, managing Covid is the end goal and reparations are a means to manage it.


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