You got to wonder why there are such aggressive efforts to pump little kids full of meds without parental knowledge or consent.

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  1. I think this is a good idea when it comes to traditional vaccines for measles, polio, etc… It’s when a new, untested on children, vaccine comes along that I don’t think it’s a good idea. Traditional vaccines are a human right and I don’t think parents should be allowed to put their child at risk.

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    1. They start with vaccines, continue with hormones, and then who knows what’s next. It’s the principle of the thing that is so disturbing. Why such enormous efforts to conceal this?


    2. I am with Clarissa on this, it is a terrible idea in principle. The problem is also compounded by the fact that the vaccination status is then hidden from the legal guardians of the child. What if the child has a reaction that needs treatment and the parent will not know to be watching out for it? An 11-year will not be able to go to doctor alone to seek the treatment or even go to the pharmacy alone to buy medication they need, not in the US. And please don’t tell me that there are no reactions to vaccines, I am a mother of a fully vaccinated child and I have seen a fair number of reactions that range from very mild to needing medication and staying home for several days. While I can see the point about laws that allow medical interventions against the wishes of parents in case of an imminent danger of death, everything else (vaccines, hormonal therapy, etc.) should be off limits.

      I find it very interesting that a society that pretends to be in favor of all kinds of diversity, is so hostile to the rights of parents to take care of their children according to their beliefs as well as moral and ethical principles. And you can be sure that this will not end with vaccines, hormonal therapy for gender confused teens is already here. What should the age of consent be there? 11 as well? Do we really believe that an 11-year old is capable of rationally evaluating pros and cons of taking any medication and long-term consequences that can result from those choices? Or is this simply a way to replace the parental authority by the authority of the state or federal government that will decide what is good for your child? If you get an 11-year old alone with a figure of authority with which this child has some kind of a relationship (teacher, pediatrician, etc.) without a parent present, they may not be capable of resisting the pressure put on them. These laws are not about protecting children, these laws are putting children at risk.

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        1. The parent should not have to consent to an abortion. A child should not be forced to give birth to another child because their parent or guardian doesn’t consent. This has been a huge issue in rape and incest cases, as well.


          1. How minor of a child are we talking about here? Should a parent of a 12-year old be notified? A parent of a 16-year old? 17-year old? Is there a line we should draw somewhere regarding the parental consent and/or notification or anything goes? Clearly, in case of a deeply dysfunctional family environment, courts may need to get involved and parental rights may need to be terminated. But we are in a situation today that instead of protecting children, laws that are being implemented end up facilitating their abuse, and that includes the laws allowing minors to get an abortion without parental consent or notification.


            1. I wasn’t talking about notification. I was talking about consent. There are parents who would force a twelve-year-old girl to give birth, even if rape or incest was involved. Again, a child should not be forced to give birth. If you cannot legally consent to sex you should be receiving psychological, medical, and social support, not be forced to carry a child to term. If you rely on courts to determine family dysfunction, that could actually make things worse, as it would force a lot of kids into a harmful system.

              As far as vaccines go, I do agree with Clarissa. There is huge potential for abuse of the system—it would be super easy to claim a child consented to a vaccine, even if they did no such thing or were coerced or didn’t understand the risks. Or if later a child needs those vaccination records and they’re not in the same place as all the others in their record, that can cause problems down the road. But let’s not be mistaken — the problem is not children getting abortions without parental consent. You conflate one portion of a system with another. It’s a false equivalence.


              1. The discussion of abortion is, honestly, outdated. Anybody of any age can buy abortion pills online. It’s going that way with puberty blockers and hormones but those are still more complicated because they are not a one-time thing.

                In any case, there are never going to be any limits on abortion ever again and it’s a waste of time to discuss the subject.


              2. 1) I was not making a moral judgement in my comment. Merely noting that the US has already largely abrogated parental rights when it comes to medical procedures. It’s not a big reach to go from “your kid can have a surgical procedure without you knowing about it” to “your kid can be vaccinated without you knowing about it”.

                2) However, since you brought it up, what actually happens with parental-consent-not-required-for-abortion laws is that 2a)serial pedos and abusers use them for cover. “We’ll get this taken care of, and nobody ever need know about it” says the 45 year old coach/uncle/pastor to his 14-year-old girlfriend/niece/student. He’s familiar with the process from the last six times. That should be the point where the parents find out, and that bastard goes to jail and ends up on the offender registry. Instead… scot free. Also 2b) you end up with children being sent home from a non-trivial surgical procedure with potential for life-threatening complications… to a home where nobody knows they’re supposed to be watching for complications. I utterly fail to see how this balances the scale against a small number of teens being compelled to carry an unwanted child to term. This is somewhat negated by the advent of chemical abortions, as Clarissa points out, but still… if anyone’s going to to be unaware/in denial long enough to lose that option, it’s going to be teenagers.


              3. Even with medical abortions there’s a high potential for painful complications. Especially if we are talking about underage girls. They should definitely not be alone, writhing in pain and not knowing what is happening to them after taking the pills. It can definitely be life-threatening. We aren’t talking nearly often enough about the side effects of the abortion pill. My knowledge is not first-hand, obviously, but I know enough to be very concerned about what these pills can do to women and girls who aren’t prepared for the effects.


          2. You know what’s also a huge issue in rape/incest cases? The fact that a rapist/abuser can take the kid to a PP clinic, coach them to lie about their age, say that the daddy was their same-age boyfriend, and they can get an abortion with no questions asked, when EVERY underage abortion candidate should, at a bare minimum, be talking to a social worker who’s been trained in interviewing for potential abuse cases. The laws, as they currently exist, are protecting abusers and rapists, and NOT protecting their victims.

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    3. @maitreyi1978: “Traditional vaccines are a human right and I don’t think parents should be allowed to put their child at risk.”

      Respectfully, parents absolutely have the right to put their child at risk, since everything is a risk. In a risky world, the role of the parent is to manage & minimise risks judiciously.

      Also, I am really concerned at the number of people who saw how horribly the governments of the world handled COVID, who still think that unaccountable government bureaucrats are the correct entity to choose for the child. It’s madness. The parent, regardless of faults or biases, is at least invested in the child. The government isn’t.

      So, the correct relationship between government, parent, child etc is that the government is responsible for reasonably informing the parent, while the parent is responsible for becoming informed and supplying informed consent if and when it is warranted.

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    4. ” I don’t think parents should be allowed to put their child at risk.”

      At risk from WHAT?? That’s a helluva blanket statement, you know. Shall we also wrap them in bubble wrap, never let them touch knives, never teach them to drive a car, never let them climb trees, never let them have a single moment unsupervised, to make sure they’re totally, miserably, dysfunctionally SAFE forever and ever?

      Eff that. I’m trying to raise functional adults, not perpetual infants.

      I know, I know, “but vaccines have the stamp of social approval! And science(tm)!

      Science and society have also collectively decided that videogames are safer than riding bikes in the street, that children should never be unsupervised outdoors. That doesn’t make it good. Who gets to decide what risks my kids can take? You?

      I apply the same rule to vaccines as I do to every other parenting decision that other people would like to make on my behalf: you can make that decision on the day when you also take full financial, emotional, and practical responsibility for my children, and we can find a way for you to be held socially, financially, and legally responsible for whatever happens to them, and whatever kind of people they become, in exactly the same way as their actual parents would be.

      If my kids turn out to be psychopaths or deadbeats, or die in a preventable accident, everyone we know will (whether they say it or not) conclude that it is somehow my fault. I will be judged for that by my family, my peers, and my God. Will you? No? Then you don’t get to make decisions about my kids.


      1. We have currently decided that staring at Zoom on a screen is safer than playing with other kids, do there’s that.

        You have to be prepared to go against widely held opinions a lot as a parent. There’s no way around it.


        1. It took a long time to fully appreciate it, but I now know what a huge, God-given blessing it was to be a socially-awkward, lonely, ostracized adolescent. I learned, painfully, that I could never, ever be part of the social game that normal people (particularly women) spend every waking moment playing. I can never be socially accepted, or acceptable.

          The upshot is that I’m now variously immune or allergic to social pressure. You can’t throw me out of your club because I was never a member 😉 It’s so liberating! Saves us bundles of money, too, because we don’t actually need a nice-looking car, a house in a good school district, new clothes, professional haircuts, air conditioning, a nice lawn, jewelry, makeup, uncomfortable shoes, or all the other zillion things people buy primarily to impress other people. So even living on a shoestring, we have the time and money to devote to things that are really important to us: our church community, our family, the education of our children, good books, gardening, writing, etc.


          1. That’s a great principle. And it works in other areas of life, not only the material. So much time is wasted on empty sociability or social gestures that bring no joy and suck up time and energy. And the amount of mental space occupied with “what will people think of me”! It’s sad because nobody really does all that much thinking about others.


            1. Indeed! When I was young, I lived in a state of perpetual embarrassment. It was miserable. Now, my operating principle is: “Nobody gives a crap what I’m doing, and if they do, it’s because there’s something lacking in their lives, so it’s not my problem.” It works better that way.


  2. You got to wonder why there are such aggressive efforts to pump little kids full of meds without parental knowledge or consent.
    So how did your phone calls go to your senators and representative on these resolutions, Clarissa?


      1. How is it a “gotcha” to ask what happened? The link asks for people to call their Congressional reps to pass a joint resolution to supersede a DC city bill allowing minors in DC to be vaccinated without their parents’ consent. The call to action explains this.

        Or do you think this org is confused about how legislation works in DC, the city proper?


  3. The larger question for me is, why does the state (the government) feel they know what is better for my child than I do? Worse, why do they know what is better for my body than I do?

    I had a very serious–relationship ending conversation with my pastor. He insisted I wear a mask to church. I told him, “The mask doesn’t stop the virus. Also, even if it did, I am not sick.” He said, “You don’t know that.” I said, “I do know that. I am incredibly self-aware and have been on a decades long journey to be the healthiest version of myself. I know when I am coming down with something. Also, I have no malicious intent to infect others. And, I have read enough information about how viruses are spread that there is no way a piece of material will stop the virus.” He said, “How can you be so arrogant?”

    Self-awareness and autonomy should not be confused with arrogance. But even if I was just an arrogant ass, I do not want my child injected with an unproven vaccine that may harm him for the rest of his life. I am his parent and I make the decisions until he is of age. If children can’t legally drink alcohol until they are 21 years old, how can they possibly give consent to any kind of medical intervention?


    1. “The larger question for me is, why does the state (the government) feel they know what is better for my child than I do? Worse, why do they know what is better for my body than I do?”

      In my experience, the people working within the state apparatus usually don’t feel that they know better, but rather are implementing whatever their “advisers” have recommended so that they justify and retain employment. Occasionally of course you get a fanatic who is passionate about some drug/program etc but for the most part believe me they care much more about the weekend than your child.

      Regarding your second question about how they know what is better for your body, to the average politician/bureaucrat who lives in arrogance, the public are of a lower rank than whichever “expert” has been consulted to give them “the answer”. So whatever the expert says is the right answer and everything else (including you) is wrong.

      Btw your pastor is right. A lot of time and money was expended in the early 2000’s after the original SARS epidemics to figure out how to minimise spread, with it being found that masks were an important part of that.


  4. It seems a convergence of covid state of emergency, and schools substituting for parents in other ways too? As if the school is the de-facto legal guardian, but this can’t be admitted, so instead they speak of “minor consent”.


    1. I found someone lobbying in support of this, even before Covid: a “Center for Inquiry” set up by skeptics/atheist/humanists/secularists back in the 1970s. (Richard Dawkins is on the board.) They seem to be thinking, why should bright rational kids be constrained by the unreason of their anti-vaxer parents, etc. It’s interesting that an individualist argument for child rights, can provide another step towards state control of the young.


    2. The intent of this law, right now, is to be able to give children the HPV vaccine and other STD vaccines behind their parents backs. Later it will be hormone treatments. This is already going on in other states, or proposed. The vaccine industry has been quietly going to the various states to weaken parents ability to refuse or control the timing of vaccination for their children.

      The more overreaching intent is to further erode the rights of parents to direct the care of their children and increase the power of the state.

      I tried to use the tool in the link to write emails but unlike another I often use, it seems I need to actually write the message myself which will take more time than I have right This minute.

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  5. “You got to wonder why there are such aggressive efforts to pump little kids full of meds without parental knowledge or consent.”

    There’s nothing to wonder about. They’re doing it because they know that parental knowledge leads to a lack of consent, which means that they don’t get their way ideologically/economically.


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