Free Speech Absolutism

Maybe I’m channeling too much Glenn Greenwald these days, but my excitement over the realization that there are two whole leftists who don’t like totalitarianism is intense.

Alex Jones was truly despicable. It was easy to support the silencing of somebody this disgusting. But it always starts with the despicable. Always. The moment we collectively consent to the silencing of the despicable, we open the door to ourselves being declared despicable and silenced. Hence you are either a free speech absolutist or you consent to complete censorship and totalitarian control. There is no middle ground.

It shouldn’t be about personalities or “winning.” There should be principles. If Twitter were to ban Joe Biden, I’d be exactly as angry as I was when it banned Donald Trump. Why it isn’t so for many people is something I’ll never comprehend. How can your loyalty to somebody else be greater than your loyalty to yourself? This is not OK.

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