NXIVM on Dateline

A two-hour Dateline special on NXIVM! On right now. There is supposed to be at least one person debunking the ridiculous “it was a cult” narrative.

P.S. Unfortunately, the Dateline coverage was as ridiculous as all previous coverage. An aged starlet gets dumped by her husband and tries to get some air time by declaring that her loser college-dropout daughter who’s sex-orgying somewhere in Albany is in a “cult.” Utterly ridiculous.

P.P.S. Stupid NBC. I should have known they couldn’t research the location of their own coccyx, let alone a story like this.

6 thoughts on “NXIVM on Dateline

  1. Completely off topic. You had a fantastic post about why it is important to be exposed to all subjects in your schooling, even if it may seem like many of them don’t help you in your eventual career and how that kind of thinking is flawed. Do you remember it? If so, I’d love a link to it.



  2. ‘the ridiculous “it was a cult” narrative’

    I’m wondering what your objection is. Of course it’s a derogatory term, but isn’t NXIVM the kind of organization that richly deserves such a designation?


    1. It’s all media hype. If this were a bunch of men who got together, got matching tats, passed around some menopausal chick, and played at being important, nobody would have batted an eyelash.

      Why is it anybody’s business that people have non-monogamous sex? Because there are no other objections to their activities, it seems.

      As for the “branding,” why is it ok to slash off the breasts of a 14-year-old girl but it’s not ok when grown women do this branding? Where’s the logic?


      1. Well, certainly, the trans industry is doing more damage than NXIVM ever did. But I still don’t understand your attitude towards NXIVM itself. The leadership are in jail now – are you saying this was an injustice, caused by a moral panic? Or perhaps just that the whole affair was always trivial, a matter for the courts, but not a matter of public interest?


        1. The guy is in jail on minor sex trafficking charges. Apparently, there was some Mexican woman who wanted to sell her underage daughter to him for sex. For that, both should rot in jail. But everything else is completely ridiculous. Americans are weird about sex, and this is the result.


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