I can’t even with these people. What fear? Biden announced that he was going to bomb Syria in campaign ads. I saw one in August or September. Psaki said recently that the Biden foreign policy will be the opposite of Trump’s.

He also said he was going to ban fracking and said that he had no intention of reopening schools until May (as I reported on my blog during the campaign.) He openly said he supported gender transition for 6-year-olds including the medical / surgical option.

But now these people are pouting. They voted for the guy, and now he’s doing exactly what he always said. Wow, big shock.

As for the minimum wage and college loan forgiveness, Biden has been in public office for half a century. If that’s not enough to figure out that he’s as neoliberal as it gets, these people are hopeless.

12 thoughts on “Pouty

  1. Looks like brain damage caused by political partisanship. Here:


    “We used neuroimaging to investigate the neural systems involved in maintaining belief in the face of counterevidence, presenting 40 liberals with arguments that contradicted their strongly held political and non-political views.

    Challenges to political beliefs produced increased activity in the default mode network—a set of interconnected structures associated with self-representation and disengagement from the external world. Trials with greater belief resistance showed increased response in the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex and decreased activity in the orbitofrontal cortex. We also found that participants who changed their minds more showed less BOLD signal in the insula and the amygdala when evaluating counterevidence.

    These results highlight the role of emotion in belief-change resistance and offer insight into the neural systems involved in belief maintenance, motivated reasoning, and related phenomena.”

    So you take someone like Cenk who states his personal beliefs before the election about Biden being wonderful/Trump being the devil, and then any time he hears anything that goes against that narrative, his default mode network switches on causing him to disengage from the external world (that is full of people disagreeing using facts & data) as if someone pressed CTRL ALT Del on his brain computer before he had time to save any of the data.

    Afterwards he reads the newspaper and perceives those facts/data as if it were the first time, so he expresses outrage & disbelief followed by acting like a man betrayed.

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      1. Worse. They think of themselves as intelligent and virtuous people. So if you are having a discussion with them where they believe that you are a decent person who is worth talking to, followed by you mentioning that they were responsible for helping the badly acting politician get elected, it goes against their belief that they are intelligent/virtuous as well as against the idea that you are a decent person worth talking to.

        Then their brain computer goes CTRL ALT DEL all over again, purges unsaved data about you being a decent person who is worth talking to, and then all of a sudden you’re the enemy.

        So not only can’t you reach them with reason or evidence, but by the time you’ve said enough to realize that they can’t be reached, you’ve probably been added to their list of people who should be cancelled.

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      2. Note that the senior author of this study is Sam Harris, the rationalist — a figure heavily reviled by halfwits like Cenk. So even scientific studies such as this will never make people like Cenk reevaluate their belief system or change the way they process information.


        1. On Facebook today people are praising Biden for his compassion. Truly, you can’t make this up. I won’t ask who he’s compassionate to, the dead syrians or the rebranded “babies in cages” because it’s useless. These people are unreachable.


    1. Ha! This is becoming a meme. Earlier today I saw one where the bomb had #BLM and then listed its pronouns (He/Him, so apparently not one of those nonbinary bombs).

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