Benign Technology

Naomi Wolf (a very well-known journalist) tried to publish an investigative report on the m-RNA “vaccines.” The report was immediately removed by censors from every platform. Her FB page was cancelled with no explanation. She was removed from YouTube and Vimeo. It was a well-coordinated simultaneous attack.

But I’m sure this “vaccine” is a completely harmless, benign technology. We are being protected from knowing how it works for our own good.

17 thoughts on “Benign Technology

  1. Since my mother and I have received 2 doses and some news mention 3rd dose, I am extremely interested in the report. Do you have it anywhere? Would’ve been extremely grateful to receive it via email if someone has it.

    Even if something has been deleted, it may exist in cache memory.

    I am for vaccinating myself, but this censorship only makes everyone trust vaccines less. Don’t they get it?

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      1. Thanks for the link!

        // Our analyses indicate orders of magnitude increases in deaths rates during the 5-week long vaccination process, as compared to the unvaccinated and those after completing the vaccination process. Presumably, asymptomatic cases before vaccination, and those infected shortly after the 1st dose, tend to develop graver symptoms than those unvaccinated.

        I have known the second sentence before reading the article, w/o exact ‘orders of magnitude’ part.

        However, I live with 2 family members who are in at risk groups for various reasons. Because of taking public transportation and the nature of our work, we’re bound to encounter this virus … several times. The good thing was that, between the 2 doses and for a while after the 2nd dose, we didn’t have to go physically to work, so the most dangerous period had already passed.

        It’s a choice between getting covid w/o a vaccine and getting it after the vaccine. I think it made perfect sense for us to vaccinate, considering everything.

        Btw, the article authors ignore that some data may be influenced by more dangerous variants of the virus arriving to Israel.

        // why during the massive vaccination project initiated mid-December 2020 during a confinement, daily new confirmed COVID-19 cases failed to decrease as they do during confinements

        They also ignore how many Israeli ignored this confinement which was such almost in name only (as opposed to the first confinement that people did listen to).

        I believe they argue in good faith and have found some valid things. However, there are other factors which they seem to ignore.


        1. All of this – the problem is with the people and not with the method, the method would work if it weren’t for scary new variants, etc – are excuses to mask the fact that none of these measures (lockdowns, masks, mRNA) are doing anything to stop the spread. I don’t understand what else needs to happen for people to notice that these are excuses that have nothing to do with reality.

          None of these methods stop the spread of COVID. But on the positive side, if you aren’t 80 it’s not something you need to worry about more than you worry about a traffic accident.


      2. If people start looking other articles at the website you linked, I want to say that ynet is a more mainstream news source, while Arutz Sheva is a religious, right wing website, with their mainstream opeds being f.e.

        // Is the two-state solution an anti-Semitic whistle?

        Throughout Trump’s presidency, we seldom heard that refrain…two-state-solution…and a relief it was. It was a pleasure to have it gone like a bad tooth.

        Now it’s back in style because all the anti-Semites are back in style.

        I don’t use that term lightly.

        I don’t know about you, but as for me, that phrase…two-state solution…gives me the creeps and a case of the willies.

        It sounds to me like the N-word sounds to a black person. It registers the same feel of disrespect, animosity, and hatred without cause.

        It says that Jews…Israelis…are only half a people, and thus deserve only half a country.

        That is pure racism.

        It says that the Israelis are usurpers, only renting, while the Palestinian Arabs are the true owners.

        That is pure bigotry.

        It says that if the Jews wish to stay, they must do so as beggars, and so must give up Jerusalem to the Palestinian Arabs.

        It says that the Jews may not thrive or expand the land until permission is granted from the United States…and the world.

        It says that the Jews must always be ready to cut the heart out of their own land in order to implant a Palestinian state.


  2. If it’s the one I think it is, she is a democrat who advised Clinton and who spent quite a lot of time criticising Trump, which naturally would have helped Biden be elected so that he could be in charge to help big pharma rush through mRNA vaccines while big tech censored her.

    Clarissa, could you please consider checking alt tech sites like bit-chute to see if a copy of whatever you’re talking about appears there, should you have the time/be bothered.

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    1. Yes, she’s imperfect. Let’s wait for perfect human beings to do the reporting.

      I have no idea what alt-tech sites are. The overwhelming majority of people doesn’t. The point of my post is that there’s a concerted effort to censor this investigative report. That the reporter isn’t the second coming of Jesus or that some nerd somewhere might have kept a copy is completely beyond the point.

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      1. “Yes, she’s imperfect. Let’s wait for perfect human beings to do the reporting.”

        No. That woman and every establishment type like her has no place in the public eye, because her thinking processes are defective and her ambition is so high as to render her not only poisonous but a threat.

        The way this goes is that there are some people who are fit to deliver news reports or cover important issues to an unsophisticated audience, because they think clearly, are logical, rational, reasonable, good communicators, and who are objective. Every good, decent, functioning democracy in places worth living in need those people to be in front of cameras speaking loudly and often.

        What happens, though, is that people like the woman in the video, who are partisan, prejudiced, ambitious, and so connected to others in politics that they embody the establishment, are thus rendered unfit to deliver news report or cover important issues utilise their partisan fame/connections/audience to hoover up screen time and jostle the good logical people out of the way.

        Then, since they aren’t up to the job of properly covering the news or properly presenting issues, the entire nation is subjected to second rate, questionable media content which is often hijacked by still other partisans connected to people like that woman and so who may control narratives, which means that the establishment has a still tighter grip on everything.

        People like her are the grass that snakes like Jeffrey Epstein and everyone like him hide in, so imo, she should be identified as being an establishment democrat and ridiculed so roundly that no one wants to interview her again.


  3. The idea of some ‘chip’ inserted underneath my skin, turning me into a hardware to be used by some creepy software…is very disturbing. I personally don’t trust this one bit. Nothing will stop them from going further. It will not be just for the purpose of ‘reviewing’ one’s vaccination record.

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    1. Kat, I am pretty skeptical of these vaccines. However, I think there is a pretty big misunderstanding of what the words nanotechnology and nanoparticles mean. Nano simply means something of the size 10^-9 meters. With this definition, a protein is simply a nanoparticle as it is the correct size. When people talk about nanoparticles being a part of the vaccine, it does not mean they automatically talk about vaccines containing nanochips. I have my worries about the vaccines, but being injected with nanochips is not really one of them.

      I think that ultimately, all this censorship is damaging. It would be far better for the government and the pharma and tech companies to engage in the conversation with people who have worries about these vaccines rather than just suppressing them. It sends a message that there really is something wrong and they just don’t want to talk about it.

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      1. Thank you for the explanation. I now learnt something I did not know. But if you watched the video, she is referring to the actual nano-chip (I believe). It’s super creepy (again, just my own thinking) 🙂


        1. Yes, I have listened to the video and also followed some of the links. While she talks about nanochips, all the links I have followed talk about the nanotechnology/nanomaterials in the vaccines more in terms of the size (delivery system is a lipid nanoparticle, protein is a nanoparticle, etc.), there is no mention of chips. “Nano” is a buzzword that can be used in many different ways to make things sound cool (at least to a scientist), but it really just describes the size of things. Unfortunately, scientists are often not the best communicators which leads to a lot of confusion, and I think perhaps Naomi Wolf is confused as well.

          It is true that Gates foundation has supported research into keeping track of vaccinations in developing countries through the use of “invisible” tattoos, but that is a completely different mechanism from injecting nanochips.

          Is it possible that one day a vaccine may come with a traceable nanochip? Perhaps. But I don’t think that day is today. Also, if I were an evil genius set on world domination via vaccines, I would not put my nanochip into the first dose. I would wait until everyone is convinced about the vaccine safety and took the vaccine and all the boosters multiple times. Only then, once everyone is nicely complacent and compliant, I would make my move… 😉

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      2. If you speak German, this is the best and most rational video explaining why we might be rushing into the mRNA technology. The lady is a scientist and explains the processes by which the lipid nanoparticles that are used in the vaccine to encapsulate the spike mRNA can cause liver and spleen damage.

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  4. I was scanning through the Right Side Broadcasting youtube channel to see if I could catch Trump’s speech and saw an interview with Mike Lindell. He was chatting right along and then broke the cardinal rule of Youtube and started talking about Covid, inauguration day, and the vaccines. I was so excited to hear what he said and then they cut the sound. Then, the interviewer told Mike they had to censor him so they didn’t break Youtube violations by giving misinformation about the vaccines and get shut down. Then, after the interview, they read yet another disclaimer about following “the government guidelines.” I feel like I’m living in an alternate reality. It’s insane!
    Here’s the link in case someone wants to scroll through:


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