Feels Nice

One thing that never gets old is listening to a conference session based on the ideas and concepts that I developed. When young scholars start on about the neoliberal promotion of migration as an unalloyed good, the weakening of the nation-state and why it’s bad, the enormous advantages that neoliberalism offers to some and the suffering it brings to others – all of it spiced up with quotes from yours truly – it feels nice.

5 thoughts on “Feels Nice

    1. “The US students want to virtue-signal”

      I’d say it’s more performative and aspirational status and class signalling. They (mostly subconsciously) feel that if they project the attitude of those without undue material worries they have a better chance at making it…


        1. When I was a kid my mother was very strict about using Standard Correct English– no Y’all or Ain’t or other regional/class markers. I deliberately switch back and forth with my kids because I want them to learn both standard middle-class English and the lower-class local dialect, and be able to switch back and forth between them. There are two reasons for this: 1) Locally, it’s easier to get strangers to help you if you “sound local”. 2) I am afraid the upper classes (including the professional types who use standard english and signal all the right political virtues) are headed for a massive, ugly reckoning in this country, and I can imagine a time in the near future where being able to use the regional dialect easily and naturally could be a distinct advantage. I want my kids to be able to “code switch” when the situation calls for it.


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