Happy Sheep

What a completely brainwashed, totalitarian population, happily complicit in their oppression and abuse.

8 thoughts on “Happy Sheep

  1. It will be the same here soon. I was wondering if there is a way to ask another reader to contact me or help me contact her? There are some things I’d like to speak about with methylethyl.


    1. You really honestly don’t see a problem in banning people from public spaces, travel, school and work because they don’t want to inject a completely new and untested technology?

      I don’t think you really mean it.


      1. As for masks, are you aware that women are forced to give birth in masks and hold their infants in masks? Is that not oppressive? Two-year-olds forced to wear masks in daycare, is that not oppressive? People who work in the service industry have to wear them during the entire work day while the Zoom class only dons them to go to the grocery store. Isn’t that class-based oppression?

        States without a mask mandate do not have higher mortality and cases. Shouldn’t that make a difference? Imagine giving birth for 18 hours in a mask. For absolutely no medical reason. How is it not abusive?


        1. For real? I can’t even wear clothes while in labor: — but they’re adding masks to the already-way-too-much standard of hospital gowns, strapped-on monitors and IV ports? I can only conclude that the people who make these rules have never given birth. Or at any rate not without huge quantities of drugs.

          My eldest has some sensory issues, and really cannot wear masks– his limit is maybe a minute. I’ve told him to just take the mask when it’s offered, put it on until he’s out of range, and then stick it in his pocket so the door-greeter can check off on the list that she did her job (this only at church– anywhere else if they get pushy we leave). So far, I haven’t had to punch anybody over it.


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