Get Your Own Candy

Brendan O’Neill has a great article in Spiked about the Megan Markle cult:

But what is indisputable is that a weird, unsettling and censorious atmosphere of religiosity now surrounds the Duchess of Sussex. The cultural elites have beatified her. They’ve made her the patron saint of critical race theory, the goddess of wokeness. To venture a criticism of this high priestess of correct thought is to risk cancellation. Questioning her ‘truth’ is to 2021 what questioning the truth of the Bible was to 1521.

There is an important part he forgets to mention, though. It wasn’t the elites that gave mass viewership to Markle’s idiotic interview with Oprah. It wasn’t the elites that have been consuming every article about her and filling all social media with endless references to her.

Markle is building her personal brand. She does what sells. If the interview had low ratings, she’d find a new strategy. But how can anybody criticize her for following the money and doing what works? It’s up to us to not buy into her grift, and we are failing.

Elites, schmelites. It isn’t the elites that dragged people to the TV sets and made them watch. It isn’t the elites that make people rat out their neighbors in Montreal or wave green passports in Israel. It isn’t the elites that bought into every COVID lie because they couldn’t be buggered to google any actual science. It isn’t the elites that kept their kids locked up all through the summer to feed their neuroses. We collectively make it profitable to be a Markle or a Cuomo, and then we moan about the evil elites. If a drug dealer sells you drugs, yes, he’s an evil bastard. But if you didn’t show up with cash in hand, he wouldn’t have a customer.

Nobody will bring us our intellectual and physical freedom on a platter, so let’s stop pouting about that and take it ourselves. These days, whenever I hear the word “elites,” it sounds like “I want some candy but mommy is mean and won’t give me any.” We need to get our own damn candy already.

8 thoughts on “Get Your Own Candy

  1. Myyyyy Goodness!! Ain’t this the hard truth we either refuse to see, or spend our lazy days pretending (it’ll all be magically ok one day), instead of paying attention to our own failings. Thank you for this.

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  2. Am I the only one who thinks the royals are overrated? I have avoided everything to do with this story. In fact, this is the first article I’ve read about it. If I see a headline, I scroll past. The royals bore me. Do they actually do anything but dress nice and put on a show for the tv rags? Yawn.


    1. There’s at least one of them that was an olympic competitor in horse-jumping. Dunno the name, but I like watching that competition, and the sportscasters mentioned it. Not sure why it was relevant, though.

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    2. “Am I the only one who thinks the royals are overrated? ”

      No, and I mostly don’t care about them.
      On the other hand, it’s the oldest running soap opera in the world…. (since sometime in the 19th century) and sometimes serves up interesting story lines…
      Technically, a monarchy can be a valuable thing for a country in some circumstances. It was very good for Spain after the Franco era for 20 or so years (then it mostly outlived its usefulness).
      I sometimes think a Monarch would have been good for Poland in the early 90s as a figure who could stand above the fray of partisan politics but at this point it would be a bit too late.
      And the British Royal Family is a part of the British nation state and so just by being living symbols of the country they do serve a valuable function.
      There’s precious little making the UK a country at present (and not just a place on the map with random people doing random things) and the Royals are one of them. Which is why fluidity and wokeness want to destroy them because fluidity sees no higher purpose than places on maps.

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    3. “Do they actually do anything but dress nice…”

      You might like to consider that Britain’s political order, resting on a constitutional monarchy, is the oldest and most stable of any modern democracy. Remember, the American revolution resulted from the colonists demanding the same political rights as ordinary Britons already enjoyed in the UK. After the revolution many fled America because they believed that any republic would degenerate into social and political chaos. In some measure, they were proved correct as the first American republic was swiftly replaced in 1789 by a second which in turn suffered a calamitous civil war in the 19th century .

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  3. “It wasn’t the elites that gave mass viewership to Markle’s idiotic interview with Oprah… It isn’t the elites that dragged people to the TV sets and made them watch.”

    While I am sympathetic to your basic argument about individual responsibility, it seems to me that you are fooling yourself about the power of global oligarchs to delegitimize western democratic institutions through their near complete control of the means of mental production and reproduction – “The ruling ideas of each age have ever been the ideas of its ruling class.”

    Markle is a cruise missile targeted to destabilize Britain’s constitutional democracy and social cohesion. Simply daring to opine in public that she was a liar – “Princess Pinocchio” – earned one of the UK’s most prominent journalists an instant canning.


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