Good Dad and a Hypocrite

Gosh, this is hilarious. Know this fellow?

He’s one of the biggest proponents of lockdowns and school closures. When schools closed, he moved his family to a retreat in Austria, so that his kid could attend school in person. The poor mite was suffering from depression after being stuck in Zoom jail seven hours a day.

The guy is a good dad and a stinky hypocrite. Don’t have money for a European retreat destination? Screw you, stupid prole.

It’s not quite as funny as the Illinois governor Pritzker sending his daughter to attend an in-person school in Florida while loudly denouncing the governor of Florida, but it’s running a close second.

One thought on “Good Dad and a Hypocrite

  1. Early in the pandemic, several members of the Australian government stated that everyone should leave their children in school, while secretly taking their own children out of school to be taught by tutors.

    At the time, the Australian health minister said nothing about the difference between what politicians were saying, and what politicians were doing.

    A few days ago, that same health minister was given his COVID vaccine so as to assure the public that the vaccine is safe.

    He is presently hospitalised with a mystery “infection” that government spokespeople have stressed is not because of the vaccine, and is expected to remain in hospital for another 2 weeks at least.

    So, whatever your grievance is, just relax and let karma do its thing 🙂


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