Video of the Day

A brilliant monologue by Bill Maher on China:

Spot-on in every way.

3 thoughts on “Video of the Day

  1. One minute into his diatribe, the seemingly forgetful Mr Maher stated that there was something in between an authoritarian government that tells everyone what to do and a representative government that can’t do anything.

    That thing, arguably, was Donald Trump, who Maher spent nearly 5 years nit-picking and yammering about because his favourite politician, Hillary Clinton, didn’t win the election.


    1. I don’t believe in ideological purity tests. I was upset that Hillary lost, too. Then I changed my mind.

      All that matters is whether a person can be of help in this particular struggle. Their history or opinions on other subjects don’t matter to me. Right now in this moment Maher says things that are useful to me.

      If only more people could adopt this approach. Especially with politicians. Instead, people (and I don’t mean you, obviously) get attached to personalities and forget to look out for their own interest.


      1. I am not conducting an ideological purity test, and am speaking practically. Maher is poison, because he rallies people against agents of change and then, when the agent of change has been defeated, cynically talks about all of the things that need to be changed. As he does that, he absorbs the time and attention of people who want change, which robs them of time & opportunity to find political and media leaders who actually want the same thing that the people want.

        In my opinion he is similar, in a way, to Bernie Sanders, who stood in the run-up to two presidential elections as candidate, captured the attention of millions of young people who wanted for a change to happen and who did not want Hillary Clinton to be elected, followed by him taking a last minute dive to hand his audience directly to Hillary Clinton, who they did not want and who did not want to change anything for them. His role in both elections was to keep those people transfixed on the Democrat party and away from Donald Trump until such time that they could be betrayed.

        Since both of these people are creatures of the Democratic establishment whose political purpose is to run interference, depending on them for help in any struggle is a bad idea since their role is to act against you not for you.


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