To the Theater

We bought tickets to the movies on Saturday! And there are even concessions!

If I’ve got to sit through a Disney kid movie about dragons, at least I’ll pork out on food. It’s the first time I’ll go in a year and 4 days. The last movie I saw in a theater before the lockdown was something about surveillance and abuse. Makes total sense now that I think about it.

4 thoughts on “To the Theater

  1. Haha, I am going to that movie on Friday with my daughter and her cousin. I think I’m more excited for the popcorn than she is, and popcorn is her favorite snack.

    We did go to a few drive-ins this summer though, which are great when you have young kids. They are much easier to find due to Covid and Im hoping they are here to stay.

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    1. I hope the movie isn’t boring to a 5-year-old. Although my poor kid is so screen-deprived, she’d watch a video of paint drying on a loop for hours.


  2. I went to the movies in October last year with my family and we saw Tenet. Before the movie I reminded everyone that in October 2019 we saw Jocker and it turned out to be a prophecy for 2020, so let’s see what 2021 will be all ab0ut. So the movie starts and none of us understands what’s going on. Feels a bit like 2021, right?

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